“It’s a commitment for the future”

An interview with head coach Ole Werner following his contract extension

Ole Werner sitting in front of the Werder crest.
Ole Werner joined SV Werder in November 2021 (Photo: W.DE).
First Team
Tuesday, 06.06.2023 / 14:30

SV Werder Bremen and head coach Ole Werner have agreed on a contract extension. The 35-year-old spoke on WERDER-TV about the reasons for continuing his work with SVW, his time up to now in Bremen and the tasks to come.

WERDER.DE: Moin Ole, you have decided to extend your contract at Werder Bremen. What were the deciding factors for you?

Ole Werner: Firstly, the fact that the collaboration has been very successful up to now. We were promoted in a difficult season in the second division and have kept our place in the league this year without any real danger of relegation. Secondly, I am convinced that we as a whole club can meet the upcoming challenges and that I can help to develop the team further. These two factors were decisive in finding a way to continue working together. I’m glad that it worked out.

WERDER.DE: Was it a long deliberation for you?

Ole Werner: It wasn’t a difficult decision emotionally. We all feel at home here. We are able to work well here and give constructive criticism to enable progression. That’s important to me because that’s the only way you can develop. Nevertheless, you always have to balance the expectations of what the club wants from me and my coaching team with how I can help the club with my skills. This is always a process that is carried out over many conversations.

WERDER.DE: You’ve been here for a year and a half and have managed to stay in the league after gaining promotion. Would you say it’s been a successful time for you?

Ole Werner: On the whole, yes. We've achieved our aim for the season twice and in a way that people have been able to connect with. We have developed in many areas, which has always involved hard work. Now it’s about achieving next season’s aim. The time so far has been very positive, but it’s a commitment for the future for us to continue to find the right solutions.”

WERDER.DE: This was your first season in the top flight. Do you feel even more like a Bundesliga coach now?

Ole Werner: No (laughs). I haven’t thought about that yet. It’s nice that we as SV Werder Bremen were able to achieve our objective. That has less to do with me personally and doesn’t affect me right now.

It’s then clear to see that a lot can happen in one and a half years.
Ole Werner

WERDER.DE: Have you been able to look back on your time at Werder yet?

Ole Werner: Yes, I’ve thought about it during the breaks. One the one hand, time flies, and when you look back you realise how many people you’ve met and the difficulties you’ve had to deal with. It’s then clear to see that a lot can happen in one and a half years.

WERDER.DE: The long tradition, the expectations, but also the financial possibilities: It’s definitely a challenge to work at SV Werder.

Ole Werner: For me, it’s a great motivation to develop and improve things within the club. As a coach, that means improving the general framework for the club. We will improve the TV revenue and create better financial conditions again. Every club has limitations at their own level, including FC Bayern in competition with European clubs. The important thing is that the possibilities and expectations are in the same place, because then you can best develop things. This is already the case for Bremen.

WERDER.DE: We look forward to working together in the future. Thank you for the conversation, Ole!

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