In the last few years Werder Bremen has set up a first class training ground for the U23 and Junior Bundesliga teams just a stone's throw from the Weser Stadium. The stadium 'Platz 11' has also been recognised as a fine example of a reserveteam stadium in the 3. League by the DFB.

The 'small' arena includes four flood light masts each with 24 spotlights for top qualitiy lighting. After the visitors area was refurbished in 2005, the stadium received a new stand in the spring of 2006, with WERDER clearly legible from the arrangement of green and white seats. The media facilities were improved to include heated seats for the press and a covered stand for cameramen. There is also ample wheelchair access to cater for the disabled.

At the same time, the area for the home fans was renovated at great cost, with a resulting capacity of 5,500, including 3,000 seats.

Standing area

Home Supporters (covered): 8 Euro; reduced 4 Euro

Seating (1,000 seats)

Home Supporters (covered): 15 Euro; reduced 8 Euro

Home Supporters (uncovered): 12 Euro; reduced 6 Euro

Away Supporters (covered): 15 Euro; reduced 8 Euro


For U23 team home fixtures in the 3. League accreditation must be requested via fax or e-mail. You should post your request to Werder Bremen, at the latest, one week before the match. The appropriate accreditation form can be downloaded via the ‘Medienservice' on WERDER.DE.

Accreditation passes can normally be collected on matchday from the Mobile Media Unit at Gate 2.

Please send your accreditation requests to:

Norman Ibenthal

E-Mail: norman.ibenthal@werder.de 

Fax: +49(0)421 - 4988672