“It’s like having a kick-about with your mates”

Leonardo Bittencourt in the mixed zone this afternoon

Leonardo Bittencourt laughs during training on Friday.
Leonardo Bittencourt and his teammates had a great time in training (Photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Friday, 18.11.2022 / 15:05

Von Fiona John

Before Werder’s players head on their much deserved holidays, there was one final training session on Friday afternoon. Those watching the hour of training saw the squad relaxed and having lots of fun. “When you head into a week without that pressure of a competitive match at the end of it, then it just makes it a lot more fun. You saw that with training today. We were let off the leash a little bit,” explained Leonardo Bittencourt in the mixed zone.

Before serious training restarts again on December 8th, Bittencourt and his teammates were able to enjoy one last training session after a very intensive year. “After the huge pressure that we’ve been under the whole year, it’s really nice to finally have a week where there’s simply nothing on the line,” explained the 28-year-old. “It feels a bit like having a kick-about with your mates when you’re younger, where there are no rules and you’re just having some fun.”


Confirmation of a “great year”

For Bittencourt, the manner in which the players are able to head into the winter break with a lovely moment together is a confirmation of just how great a year they have had: “It was a really successful year. It’s also been difficult but having secured promotion and then having got off to a good start in the league this season, it’s a positive end to the year,” according to the midfielder. “We’ve had lots of fun and the squad has welded together. It really was a great year.”

As a result of the World Cup, the winter break will be slightly longer than the players are used to. “It will probably feel like the summer but just colder,” Bittencourt chuckled. “The first thing to do is to keep up our fitness and to work on any shortcomings.” After the good start, injuries and illnesses ensured that our attackers missed a few games. “It was on and off. Now it’s about using this break to kick start the second half of the season in the same way that we started the first half. Therefore, it’s important to do a little more in our free time than we would normally do,” concluded Bittencourt.

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