SV Werder Bremen GmbH & Co KG aA
Franz-Böhmert-Straße 1c
D-28205 Bremen

Represent by the management

Klaus Filbry
Frank Baumann
Dr. Hubertus Hess-Grunewald

Registered at local court

HRB 21775, Bremen

Tax ID number

DE 813837844

Tax number



0049 421 43 4590 

Fax - Office / Information

+49 (0) 421/49 35 55




Responsible for the content:

Michael Rudolph, Director Communication

Responsible for Marketing

Christian Rauhut, Director Marketing and Distribution

Editing staff

Dominik Kupilas (Executive Editor), Yannik Cischinsky, Christoph Pieper

Editing staff 3. League and Academy centre

Marcel Kuhnt


Maximilian Hendel, Katharina Grote, Niklas Behrend, Lennard Worobic

Photo agencies

Getty Images Deutschland GmbH

Auenstr. 5
D-80469 München
Phone 0800 / 101 31 35

Carsten Heidmann Fotografie

Speicher 1
Konsul-Schmidt-Straße 8d
D-28217 Bremen
Phone +49 (0) 421 / 4172077 

Nordphoto GbR

B & F Kokenge
Georg-Reinke-Straße 1
D-49377 Vechta
Phone +49 (0) 4441/ 8940-0 

Martin Rospek Fotografie

Parkstraße 26
28209 Bremen
Phone +49 (0) 421 / 344 993 

Fotografie Martin Stöver

Hardenbergstraße 8
D-28844 Weyhe
Phone +49 (0) 421 / 2295 431

Concept, design, implementation and technical support

team neusta GmbH
Konsul-Smidt-Straße 24
28217 Bremen


All rights reserved. Any copying in whole or in part regardless of media format is prohibited unless explicitly authorised by SV Werder Bremen GmbH & Co KG aA

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