New numbers

Kapino, Woltemade, Nankishi and Agu change numbers

Stefanos Kapino will wear the number 18
Stefanos Kapino will wear the number 18 (Photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Saturday, 17.07.2021 / 10:15

All Werder players will get one more chance to impress ahead of the new season in Saturday’s double header against Feyenoord. Four SVW players will be wearing new squad numbers, which they will keep for the 2021/22 season.

Nick Woltemade will now wear number 29, having previously had 41. The other three players to have a new number are Felix Agu, Abdenego Nankishi and Stefanos Kapino. The goalkeeper will now use number 18 (previously belonged to captain Niklas Moisander). Agu is Werder’s new number 27 (Kapino’s old number) and newcomer Nankishi has taken over Agu’s old number of 17.

First-team squad numbers:

1 - Jiri Pavlenka19 - Joshua Sargent29 - Nick Woltemade
3 - Anthony Jung20 - Romano Schmid30 - Michael Zetterer
5 - Ludwig Augustinsson21 - Ömer Toprak32- Marco Friedl
6 - Kevin Möhwald22 - Niklas Schmidt34 - Manuel Mbom
8 - Yuya Osako23 - Nicolai Rapp35 - Maximilian Eggestein
10 - Leonardo Bittencourt24 - Johannes Eggestein36 - Christian Groß
11 - Niclas Füllkrug25 - Kyu-hyun Park38 - Eduardo Dos Santos Haesler
13 - Milos Veljkovic26 - Lars Lukas Mai43 - Eren Dinkci
17 - Abdenego Nankishi27 - Felix Agu 
18 - Stefanos Kapino28 - Ilia Gruev 


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