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Florian Kohfeldt responds to the DFL Presidium’s recommendation
Florian Kohfeldt has altered the training schedule for his team (Photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Wednesday, 25.03.2020 / 14:15

Head coach Florian Kohfeldt has taken the recommendation of the DFL Presidium to suspend the Bundesliga season until at least 30th April into consideration as he sets out his training plan for his squad.

“We will gradually increase the workload of the players in their individual training plans until the start of April. We will have to prepare them for the extra burden put on them due to the expected schedule of fixtures if the season is to continue in May. Because of this, we will be assigning them double running sessions to start with. It’s not a period of recovery, but of building up fitness because the game load will be enormous,” explained Florian Kohfeldt.

In addition to the personalised training plans that the players will receive, they will also be offered training in small groups in the stadium over the next few weeks. However, this will only take place occasionally and will be in compliance with all necessary precautions. “We will work on improving our power and also train with the ball,” Kohfeldt added. In order to retain the necessary distancing and to enable separation, the players will use several different changing rooms throughout the wohninvest WESERSTADION.

Team doctors Dr. Daniel Hellermann and Dr. Christoph Engelke are even more concerned than usual with the well-being of the players. “We have increased how often the players have to report back to us due to the decentralised training so that we are always absolutely up to date with the condition of each player and can react immediately if any problems arise.”  

A return to team training depends on how the Corona crisis develops and how the season continues after the current suspension in play.

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