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  1. I think that some ideas got mixed up in the media. As far as I got it in the frist place Barca has brought up two different ideas to make that deal.

    Number one would be to trade Özil against Henrique, Hleb + x Millions. This doesnt sound too good. The sum ould be a lot lower if those two come two Werder, their wages would be pretty high an it's at least questionable if those two player would do any good for Werder's squad.

    The other idea was that Barca pays a fee for Özil this year but leves Özil on loan in Bremen for one or two years. Deending on hwat fee Barca would be willing to pay, this sounds to be an interesting offer. But I find it quite doubtful if there is anything behind it. It doesn't make much sense. If Barca has time to wait one year, they would get Özil for free. ANd if they buy him now, he plays for Werder and then gets injured, they would run all the risks.

    Anyway, I think there will be some more offers coming in during the World Cup. Yesterday it was rumoured thet Inter was bidding 25 + 2 players. But if Özil has to be sold i would prefer plain cash instead of deals invoving other players.
  2. I mean it may make sense if they watched Werder a lot, Werder has a good reputation and can be trusted with such a valuable player. I think he would mature with us, keeping up his work with us before he leaves. I think this is not a bad move.
  3. killiefan


    So Ozil has left..........

    what is the word on the street for a replacement?
  4. Tasja

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    None. Klaus hat yesterday in pressconference said that Werder has so good players in mittelfield with Aaron and Marko Marin.
  5. killiefan


    do you think the money will be spent on another position or kept for the future?
  6. Werder is trying to buy the Brazilian midfielder Wesley from Santos. However, this seems to be a protracted affair and I wouldn't be surprised if this will go on and on and on...and we will be waiting here empty-handed.

    There is a bit of flair of news coming from France regarding Hatim Ben Arfa from Olympique Marseilles. Yesterday, Allofs mentioned he is not looking for an Oezil replacement.

    I don't regard the Offensive midfield as a priority but I hope we sign a player or two with qualities in Defense. We will see...

    I am bracing myself for the match against Sampdoria tonight and hope for the best. I wish the club had been more active in dealings on the transfer market pre-season. So far, this is wishful thinking...

    I hope we will see some good signings.

    On to a good night tonight! :svw_applaus:
  7. killiefan


    If - sorry when! - Werder qualify I really hope they draw Rangers in the group stages!!
  8. killiefan


    Was this a total surprise? I saw a picture of him with a green/white jersey saying he was glad to be back! Then I realised it was to Wolfsburg!
  9. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Just wondering, why did he not come back to Bremen.It seems that the relations between him and the club weren't the best:confused:
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    he cost too much and also wanted too much in salary. So his I love Werder Bremen was not so very important....not when it comes to money...I mean if he loved us so much, he would be able to earn "only" 4 Million Euro. But he absolutly wanted 8. I mean you can quite good live from 4 auch...
  11. This ain't the only reason. The transfer fee was around 15 million, which is just double as much as we ever paid for a player. I am sure he would prefer to come to us, but I think we didn't have any interest to take him back in the first place.
  12. That's exactly it! I also think, that we wouldn't be able to pay him 4m € a year or more. And in Wolfsburg he's probably earning 6m a year. But even the sportive aspect would be crucial: Where should we place him in our tactics? We have offensive players like Marin, Arnautovic, Hunt and in our 2nd team also Kroos&Ayik, who are ought to be Bundesliga players one day, too. It would not make sense to get Diego back. We had a great time with him, but this was back in the days...Nowadays we support our new "stars" like Marin&Arnautovic!

  13. True. I really don´t see the slightest hint that there was not a good relation between Diego and Werder and still is. It´s just that Werder has no great need of an offensive player right now and the costs for Diego are too big to transfer him to Bremen anyways. I don´t have any doubt that Werder would have tried to sign him if the costs would have been lower and definately if we had a more desperate need for him on our offense.

    Some Werderfans though are boiling with bad blood about Diego because he would be just another greedy football mercenary. But I think those belong to a group of fans that rant over anybody and anything who doesn´t termlessly meet what are Werder´s needs from there own point of view.

    Many other Werder fans like me still kind of love Diego for his spectacular style of playing football, for his accomplishments with Werder and not the least for always being absolutely professional, loyal and friendly.
  14. For me this is still unbelievable. I wish Diego comes back to Werder in a half/ or in one year. But I trust Schaaf and Allofs - they know what they are doing.
  15. I'm a Liverpool fan and there is ongoing transfer speculation about Marin as you will know, but can someone describe to me his style of play and is he as good as every is creaming about? Thanks.
  16. Marin is a small,agile player with very fast dribblings. He is strong in 1:1 situations and can curve around defenders. When he plays the ball in the right moment, it can be very dangerous for the other team.

    Last season he scored 4 goals and gave 14 assists in Bundesliga in 32 games. This season he scored 3 goals and gave 9 assists (33 games). He was one of the only midfielders of Werder who was always very dangerous in this season.

    With good other players on his side, he is a great addition for every top team.
  17. The best position for him is the offensive wing or the left midfield. For some games he is playing as "playmaker" (is this the right word for it?) in a 4-4-2 system with one defensive and one offensive midfielder (him). In my opinion he is learning from game to game. This season he is getting better in defensive work and is playing faster balls than before.

    His biggest problem is, that he is waiting to long to play the pass to another player. So there are some losses of balls through him. Another problem is his missing goal-instinct.

    For his young age (born 1989) and he is playing his third professional season in the 1. league, he is a very good and talented player.

    But I don't think he wants to go to another league by now. But who knows?

    Ich hope I could give you some interesting information on Marko Marin and my English isn't so hard to understand.
  18. Marin is an attacking midfielder with playmaker qualities. His biggest strength is the one-on-one dribbling because of his excellent ball control.
    Nevertheless this year i was a bit disappointed about his accomplishment. As you might now we lost Özil to Real Madrid last year. But I had the reasonable hope, that Marin might compensate this deficit, because in the second half of the 2009/10-season he was our go-to-guy and much stronger than Özil during this period. But his development in this season was not as good as i expected. Rather his accomplishment fell off in quality. But this might be a by-product of our poor season. Hopefully he will be able to repeat his accomplishments of the 2009/10-season in the next one.
    There is one more interesting thing about him to mention. In Germany he has the reputation as being a diver, which he is often criticised and booed for by away supporters but also sometimes by our fans. And i know that you english guys hate divers. That doesn`t mean, that I think he is an actor, but he often falls to the ground readily on little contact...
  19. In England known as "German Messi". :ugly:
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    Hi - I am a Werder Bremen & Liverpool Fan :applaus:

    Marko Marin Video ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0ycwCHzrGg

    Good luck here,