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  1. cclaus

    cclaus Guest

    Hej, hej!

    I´ve a question to the guys from Sweden. My girlfriend and another friend of mine are stuying in Göteborg and we´re all big fans of Werder Bremen and we want to see every game from them. Do you´ve any idea where we could find a Pub in Göteborg?

    Thank you

  2. A late reply but if your in Sweden you should really use Eurosportplayer, there you can watch every game and it only 49 kr / month for a year or 69 kr each month. Typically pubs in Sweden doesn't air BL games.
  3. 158269


    Another support from Gohenburg / Sweden here. Luckily there is Laola1.tv in Sweden - they show every match from Bundesliga online. You just need to switch to their "International"-Site.