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  1. hello forum! i'm werder fan from italy! :) In March i will come to bremen and i hope to see Werder - Bayern. I know is very difficult to buy tickets for that match but i wanna try it.

    I have some question:

    - How i can buy ticket?
    - it is possible to reserve tickets?
    - is ticket buy procedure in English?
  2. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    You can buy tickets directly on this website (look for "Ticketing").

    Reservation of tickets for the match against Bayern is possible from February 2nd until February 8th.

    You should try to reserve a ticket as early as possible. As far as I can see there is no English ticketing procedure here.

    Maybe you can find somebody to guide you through the procedure.
  3. Thanks for the informations.
    I will try to be fast.:bier:
  4. another question:

    in the ticket buy procedure, when i choose the block i can see all the block's rows but i don't understand if the playing field is on top or on bottom.....anyone can help me?
  5. Knipser


    I think, lower row numbers are next to the playing field.
  6. Thanks a lot Knipser!

    Other users can confirm?:applaus:
  7. killiefan


    Buongiorno! That is International Fan Weekend (Werder fans from all over the world come). Send a message on here to Jermaine Greene (Eneerg Eniamrej user name). He is the contact for this event from Werder Bremen (or maybe try a facebook message to him). There is a full weekend of events planned & I'm sure you need to register with Jermaine by the end of January.

    See here.....http://forum.werder.de/showthread.php?31229-IWF-w-e-4