Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. Well, I know of Eckerts orchard in Belleville, but I don't actually know the family personally. I also went to high school with some people in the area whose last name was Eckert, but as far as I know, there's no relation between them and those who own the orchard. Still, it's interesting that we both know people through the same program! As we say here in the U.S.A., it's a small world! ;-)
  2. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Yeah, there's quiet a few Eckerts over there.
    Yeah, small world, you probably met some of my sister's teachers ;)
  3. rotblitz


    Hi guys,

    we will play in a friendly game tomorrow and i hope it will worth to play.

    we dont expect so much against u cuz first half was pretty bad for us so tomorrow we will try to become team (still)

    i hope we will enjoy with the game...

    good luck...
  4. Hi! Im a Green-White from Estonia, currently living in Sweden not far from Stockholm. I became Werder fan because my mother buyed a Werder trikot, named Beschastnykh. I didnt no nothing about Werder, but i liked this shirt very much and years later i searched for more info about the club and then were that year, when Ailton was hitting net real hard and i was watching livescores via mobil and tv teletext and cheering when we scored and it was crazy time, but my blood became green-white mixture:dance:
    Hopefully i will have possibility to be in Weserstadion this season:svw_schal:

    btw. Ryanair started flying between Tallinn and Bremen:applaus:

    Sorry, because my english is not the best aber ich hoffe es ist nicht problem. Ja, ich kann auch deutsch, aber es ist einbischen verrostet:D
  5. Gar kein Problem:) Welcome to the forum, I hope you like it here!
    I really like the story how you became a fan of Werder:thumb:

    PS: my english is also not the best:D
  6. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Welcome DJ Kilba!
    Love Sweden, love Stockholm. Where exactly do you live if I may ask?
    Hope you have a good time here :)
  7. Hi! I hope so, it means im having good time all the time:)
    I live in little town called Norrtälje, it is 50-60 km (or something) from Stockholm. It seems that you have been in Stockholm?
  8. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Yeah, I've been going to university in Stockholm for one year.
    Haven't been to Norrtälje though, just to Södertälje to watch football :p
  9. Hi everyones, I'm Diego Alejandro, I think I'm the only Werder fan in Colombia, hehehe.
  10. Welcome, Diego. :applaus:
  11. We re everywhere :svw_schal::zweifeln:
  12. evechen


    OMG!! I'm IN Stockholm. But förlåt I'm originally Chinese. Still learning Swedish~
  13. Im from E. Tennessee in the U.S.

    My family is originally from Bremen, though I was born here in the States. I was raised to be a Green/White!!! Love to watch them play, but dont get to see too much of them here...I would love to see them in person again...I saw them when I was 4 but dont remember it.... My wife is Estonian and we are planning a trip to Bremen and then to Talin in a couple of years! I am not your typical loud and obnoxious American. I have lived in Mexico and Jamaica and have spent a lot of time in Bonaire (NA).
    I love the fact that Werder is a producer of great players and not a buyer of great players!

    I hope we have a great season this year!!!:svw_applaus:
  14. simön

    simön Guest

    why is the fanshop not available in english?
  15. simon55


    Bad luck.
  16. Use google translate:D
  17. Hey. My name is Matthew and I'm from Dublin.

    I've been a Werder fan since 2006, when we had Diego and Klose!

    I've never been to a Bremen game, but hopefully I'll get the chance soon.

    Come on the Green and Whites!
  18. Tobbi


    Welcome Matthew and greetings to Dublin! :svw_schal:
  19. Hello!
    My name is Dan from London!

    I have seen 2 Werder matches -

    I came to the Frankfurt match last season (0-0) and the game against Stuttgart (1-1).

    Does anyone know when the FC Koln tickets are on sale?

    Thank you.
  20. el_ben


    Hinterm Mond gleich links
    Tickets for the match against Cologne were on sale 2 weeks ago, so there won't be any available directly from Werder until they sell any remaining tickets shortly before the match, should there be any.

    But you can order tickets for the match against Stuttgart from today until friday, if that is of any use to you.