Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. That's awesome!!!! Nice to see some life on the English speaking part of this forum!!!!!!
  2. Moi J10,

    i´ve met some finns in the stadium in the last two years. They always come with ryan air and then they go shopping in the Werder Fan Shop. After that I met three times a finnish group.
  3. J10


    Yes I guess ryan air is the cheapest! Hopefully I can also visit Weser-Stadion soon! How did you like the Finnish people?
  4. Way before. January 2009. Funny how i become a SVW fan: I start to use SVW in FIFA09, after a few days i feel a very strange sensation inside me, like a twister (a Grun-weiss twister), so i realize "FINALLY I FOUND MY TRUE SOCCER BELIEF, FUCK THE REST!! I'M a SVW FAN!!"

    This is kinda like a Fairytale, but this is the whole truth :)
  5. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    Excellent choice.... ;) Have you been to Bremen yet? If not, you should consider a trip in summer, including, of course, a match in the Weserstadion...
  6. Cool story:D, welcome to the family! :svw_schal:

    Maybe Werder will have to make a trip to Turin this season. I would hope so. I wonder if you remember spring 2006 and the 'infamous Wiese roller.' ;)
  7. Yes, That was a shameful moment for Werder :wall:, but Wiese still the best GK in Germany IMHO.

    Moreover, I HATE JUVENTUS, Infact i'm a syphathizer of Turin FC.

    About the probability of a vs. Juventus EL match, I'll certainly go, maybe I will be the only Italian Werderaner in the whole Stadium.
  8. Hi all,

    I cannot speak a word of German so FINALLY getting round to posting a comment has taken me weeks.

    But here I am!

    I'm Colin, from the very very very far north of Scotland! I began to support Werder Bremen several years ago, when I saw them play in Europe on TV. At this stage they were wearing a half orange, half green top and I thought it was very cool. Then I realized how good football they played and have supported them every since.

    Hope there are many other Scots who support Bremen here!
  9. I think there are a few who have come to catch some Werder home games. They were followers of the Hibs, Killies and I think I remember somebody who had a name that could be connected to Dundee Utd. They may not be real fans but Werder Sympathisers that came down for a few of the home games.

    Where in Scotland are you from?

    Believe it or not but one of my Scottish teams I had a big crush on and played them on EA Sports FM was Aberdeen.

    Green and Orange, then you must have caught us in one of the CL seasons. Sounds to me like the 2005/2006 seasons where Werder had the chance to reach even higher echelons in Europe. Proved to me that when we get it absolutely right, we have it in us. Another cracking Europa League tie is coming up this week when we face Valencia.

    I wish you many more magical nights with us. Greetings from a Green and White who is currently living in south London.
  10. A big "Hello" to all foreign fans of Werder Bremen!

    I just wanted to say that it is a great honour for me (I guess I speak in the name of all Werder fans) that our great club has its fans all over the world. Werder Bremen is not a big club, such as Manchester United or FC Barcelona, but it's nice to see that our club can achieve a lot of sympathisers with our style.

    Sometimes I feel that all you guys don't get the attention that you deserve here in that place. There are often the same people who answer your questions (Special thanks to BremerAmerikaLine and Opalo for example:tnx:)

    But me, myself and I... am willing to look in this part of the forum more often. :)

    Don't mind

    and keep on supporting Werder Bremen!

    You all did a great choice.

    I just wanted to say that in order to appreciate your interest in that great club ;)

    Lebenslang Grün-Weiß! (I hope It's not a faux-pas to write this slogan in german :D)
  11. Thank you, I was wondering if maybe foreign Werder Fans would like to join the Spieltagsthread when the fans express their emotions, critique, support during the live game. They discuss the game, players, tactics, etc...

    I wonder if people there would regard a lack of German as detrimental, but I suggest that for those fans who see the games and would like to share their emotions and thoughts, this could be interesting...

    Yeah, I hope we get this section more lively and interactive. However, with fans all around the world, we live in different schedules. As said, it's great to see so many fans who keep the green-white flag up in foreign countries.

    Keep it up guys!

    Lebenslang Gruen-Weiss!

  12. Well said by both of you.
    A more active English subforum would probably attract more fans; I'm definitely up for helping to keep it active.
  13. I think that's true nudge. How would we go about that? Get as many fans here for matchday as possible.

  14. probably constantly posting some Werder news here would make sense as well? I know the website has an English version too, but to be honest, only a small portion of the news is usually translated and posted there.
  15. Long time no see ... but now I'm back :beer:
  16. Wow~
    It has been almost 2 years since my first words in this thread~:lol:

    Now I've been in Germany for almost one year, in Bochum.
    But I'm thinking of moving to Bremen next semester. This city is really amazing, beautiful and attractive. I do hope I could spend another two years there!:applaus::svw_schal::lol:
  17. I'm from Malta!
    I started my SVW love from Fifa 09
    Since I've started watching the Bundesliga from 2008 I didn't have a team to support:wall:
    So I went through the teams quickly and after experimenting a bit I fell in love with Werder Bremen. Torsten Frings, Tim Wiese, Clemens Fritz, Tim Borowski, Diego...all players I loved and still do
    Since then I've seen the team improve gradually and new players like Marin, Hunt, Bargfrede, Boenisch etc etc are strengthening the team, and hopefully Werder will win the BL next season:svw_applaus:

    Also, I'm planning on watching the Werder vs Kaiserslautern match at the Weserstadion live on the 18th of December and buy alot of merchandise from Bremen

    From the only proud Werder supporter in Malta:beer:
  18. arinceo


    Okay so I'm from australia, about an hour's drive north from sydney, which is probably the best reference point I think. I've been learning german for about 4 years and spent six weeks in germany on exchange about a year and a half ago; so I've had a long-running interest in germany culture, especially football. My fascination with Werder was mainly due to the FIFA games; but i love the way the team plays (based on the few matches i've seen in the Champions League, Europa League and from online streams).
  19. Welcome aboard, guys.
  20. Nafziger


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Colin Nafziger, and I'm from Canada. After watching much of the World Cup this year, I realized how much I love and miss football, and want to get back into not only playing this amazing sport, but also watching and routing for a club...

    I have strong German roots and both sets of my Grandparents speak and understand Pennsylvanian Dutch. My parents both understand quite a bit of German, and can speak a bit, but unfortunately by my generation all understanding of it has been lost entirely.

    Anyways, back to the topic at hand....

    I was very impressed with the young German squad, and took a particular interest in the likes of Ozil. This is why I want to start following Werder. I just love a fast-paced, attacking style of football, which I know they deliver!

    I just really hope that I can manage to find places to watch the games here in Canada!!! Is it possible to watch replays of the game online???


    ps: I hope to start learning not only how to read German, but also speak it so that I can one day reintegrate it back into my family! :svw_schal: