Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. Anybody watching the Bayern gam ein London?
  2. @ Larmen

    Hi there, left you a personal message. Some other Werder fans & me are going to watch the game in "Zeitgeist" tomorrow. The Bar is located on Black Prince Road 49 - 51 & intersecting with the Albert Embankment near Vauxhall Station.

    Hope to see you there mate.

    All hopes up that the Green & Whites are giving Bayern a good fight tomorrow and hopefully win.
  3. MiM


    Hello from Malmö!

    I am originally from Wilhelmsyhaven and Werder Fan since early childhood in the seventies.
    Here in the south of Sweden the interest in Werder has been increasing since Markus joined the lines:svw_schal:

    Are there any other green and white supporters from Sweden around?

  4. mabo


    From mickybez

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  5. Tasja

    Tasja Guest

    Yep Me! :svw_schal:

    Im from Sweden, living in Falun. Been a big fan for about 1,5-2 years, but I like German Football since 1990. Why Werder? The players I like the most in the Natio played in Bremen. Boro, Frings, Merte, Fritz, and so on.

    So far I only seen one game live, in Februar 2009, but I will be back in September this year again for the see some game.

    Had to continue to work so I can go home in time for the BIG FINAL!!!
  6. Hello all,

    My name is Paul and I am from Edinburgh, Scotland. Five of us are coming over next month to take in the match against Mainz for my mates 40th birthday. We choose Bremen cause they play in green just like our team, Hibernian.

    I'll be watching out for Bremen's results over the next few weeks and look forward to visiting the Weserstadion next month.
  7. Hello everybody,

    nice to find you here in fan forum. Ich know, my English is not perfect at all, but I enjoy to see, that also in other countries there are quite a lot of werder bremen fans. Welcome!
  8. Hi! I'm from Germany but one day I'll live in Scotland ore Ireland :).
  9. I am a Werder fan from North Hollywood, California, USA. I originally became a Werder fan because my ancestors are German and have lived near Bremen. I am a musician (drummer) and visit Europe each year to instruct percussionists. I will be in FR from 21 Oct - 18 Nov and I hope to see my first Werder live match during this visit.:svw_applaus:
  10. Hallo to all Werder fans here.

    I am 48 and original German(voll) born in Minden, NRW.

    I came first in England from my Scots step-father in 1969 and am a British citizen since 1976.

    Werder is the team of my Father and Opa since forever and is also my team!

    100%Werder bis zu ende!


  11. djswim


    Hello everyone! I'm introducing myself here so as not to embarrass myself with my german in the other forums yet.

    I'm currently living in Kentucky, in the US although I have lived in Germany for 4 years (3 in Bremerhaven, 1 in Bonn).

    I'll be heading to Köln in a few weeks for a trade show and will be trying to get tickets for the game at Bochum. If anyone can help me w/ instructions on how to buy tickets please let me know, all the other games I've ever been to someone else has purchased them for me :)
  12. Hello everyone!!

    I am Sean although most know me as Tattooed Sean.:)

    I am 39. I live in Chandler Arizona although I grew up in Sterling Hts Michigan.

    I lived in Wertheim Germany from January 1989 till February 1992 while in the army. I have been back to Germany in 2007 and 2008 on visits.

    I have yet to attend a Werder Bremen match but I hope to fix that problem in August or September 2010 and then each year after.

    I look forward to chatting with you all even during those times you might go---->:stirn: when talking to me.:D
  13. Tasja

    Tasja Guest

    Oh please come and embarras! I dont want to be the only one with bad German in Forum! And Welcome!
  14. With me it was almost the opposit way! ;) I was one travelling through Scotland with two mates and we passed somehow the Stadium of the Hibbs!
  15. Hey welcome. I can hardly remember your cousin. :cool: But I was very young that time.
  16. J10


    Hi everyone,

    I'm from Finland. I think I might be the only Finn here! Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. However I think there should be at least some Werder supporters in Finland cause we've had a few Finns also playing for Werder (Pasanen, Lagerblom, Rautiainen to name a few).

    I've been also trying to take part in conversations in some of the German forums. But it feels so hard. I've only taken a few German courses in the university.
  17. Hi all, I'm Matteo, i'm 17 and i come from turin, italy. I began to be a fan of SVW only a year ago, but i support it like a long-time hardcore fan. However here in italy DFB isn't well broadcasted and Werder matches are broadcast very rarely (only when we play on friday or when we play with one of other top 6 team), but dfb ticker and radio help me a lot.

    I hope to enjoy with forum, and i hope to make english part of forum a place with more contents
  18. lol he is on werder wiki too

  19. did you become a fan in anticipation of diego?