Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. I'm Becky from Hong Kong. I support Werder since 2006. I've posted a few messages in the old forum, but as my German is very poor, I didn't always surf through other sections. Finally I get the postcard from Werder to validate my account, so I can post here again:applaus:.

    p.s. I think the postage fee of Germany is quite expensive. It takes 1 Euro to mail the Postkarte to Hong Kong......
  2. Hi Becky,

    Welcome to the new Forum !!! :svw_applaus:

    I am working for a Hong Kong based company and
    have been already a few times out there. It's an
    exciting place with a lot of pubs and clubs where
    people apparently partying seven days a week !
    Hopefully you have the chance to follow the Werder
    matches somewhere on the TV ? :svw_schal:
  3. Hi London Joerni

    Do you work in a Hong Kong based company in London? It seems interesting to me...Hong Kong has some famous pubs scene like Lan Kwai Fong in Central, but indeed not many Hong Kong people like going to pubs, including me. Anyway, Hong Kong is never boring! Shops and restaurants open until late night. There are a lot of places for gathering or partying.

    Unfortunately Bundesliga is not popular in Hong Kong, mostly the pubs show English Pemier League matches. However people can subscribe to paid TV to watch Bundesliga. Usually it broadcasts 4-5 games per week from Fri to Sun. If you don't want to pay for it, internet streaming video like Sopcast is a good source to follow Bundesliga...:lol:
  4. Well, better late than never, they say... So here some answers *g*
    How did I find the way to Werder. Good question actually, for which I don't really have an answer. I think it started this summer while I was working for the EURO 08 in Basel. I started to make some research online and ended up with Fritz and Mertesacker playing in Bremen. And then there is also our fellow "northlight" Rosenberg playing there. And somehow I just ended up with Werder Bremen.
    I keep track of the games over videostreams or radio online. And of course over werder.de. Thanks to the internet I manage to keep quite updated. And when I am visiting my parents, I can watch DSF as they have german television.

    I am going to Bremen on the 9th of December and am hoping to get some tickets to the game. But it seemes quite difficult from abroad. Any tips?

    I really should move to Germany, so many times I am travelling down there in the next months...
  5. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    How long are you staying in Bremen? Bremen plays Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe on Dec 6 and the last game before the winter break will be Bremen-Wolfsburg on Dec 13. You can order tickets at Werder's ticket centre for this game as from Monday Nov 3 (however, the form which you can find here: http://www.werder.de/tickets/bl/heimspiele.php is German only and I don't know whether it works from abroad...). Another option would be to regularly check the following section of the Forum starting some 2-3 weeks before the game: http://forum.werder.de/forumdisplay.php?f=9 At that time, there should be a thread there dealing with the Wolfsburg game and you might find someone offering tickets (at the original price). Good luck!
  6. Hello. My name is Matt from Cleveland, Ohio. I never really followed the Bundesliga until 2003 when I saw Werder Bremen on FSC. I remember watching Ailton, Mcoud and the rest of the boys score massive goals in these crazy green and orange kits and I was instantly a fan. That was a fantastic season and I've been an avid supporter since.

    Thank you and I look forward to sharing some craic with this forum.

  7. killiefan


    Hello everyone. I've just signed up to the forum & my German is almost zero so I may not post correctly but time will tell. I live in Scotland & the Ryanair flights from Edinburgh to Bremen are perfect for people who want to watch Bundesliga.
  8. killiefan


    Hi Becky

    My brother & his family live in Sha Tin. I've visited HK several times & its a fantastic city to visit.
  9. Hi Killiefan,

    Sounds like your team is the Rugby Park outfit, right? I believe that is what the Kilmarnock ground is called, saw them once in Edinburgh playing Hearts and you guys won 2 : 0, was in autumn 2000.

    I lived in Hong Kong myself as well and I can only say wonderful city. Returned for a visit five weeks ago and realise how much I miss it.

    Great to see you here, don't despair even though the Werder team seems to be at a time of transformation, something is going wrong here but we are not quite sure what. Now for the first time since he took over office, some fans are calling for Schaaf to resign but that may not be a mainstream opinion. But, for certain something needs to happen. I guess Werder will sign players during the winter transfer window and somehow we have to retrieve that passion and fighting spirit and I hope we can still stay in contention for the three trophies that we are still involved in until the winter break, however, first and foremost, the team needs to perform which it hasn't really if you look at all the past weeks.

    Anyways, hope dies last and I am looking anxiously forward to battle for three points in Bochum on Saturday. If you ever happen to be in London, there is always a contigent of Werder fans (me as one part of this) about in various locations that are watching the games in a pub.

    Take care, greetings up to Scotland.
  10. killiefan


    Yes Killie are the Rugby Park team. We play Rangers this weekend & I fear the worst. We have three defenders injured & the rangers striker (who was signed from Killie) likes to score against his old team! I will still go to support the team though. I have watched for 18 years (1990 Killie were in the third tier of Scottish football) so nothing will stop me now.
  11. vishmoon



    Let me introduce myself. I am Vishal Trivedi(A 24 year old Software Professional) from India.I am a hardcore Bremen fan since 2006 frankly felt bad that Bremen couldn't come out of tough group despite the big ones in the group..AS Bundesliga is not properly broadcasted(Poorly marketed and broadcasted by pay TV Neo Sports in India)..So I am Bremen fan against all odds.:lol:
    But Bundesliga is now getting lot of recognition too what is needed is aggressive marketing to push up a bit, public awareness and not just people on street in India(And Asia) knowing Bayern all the time from Germany.
    Received the post card and activated it here.
    Bremen plays the most wonderful football..Although its class has deteriorated a bit due to series of injuries,poor form of Central Defensive midfielders and full backs,inadequate class substitutes,Lack of flexibility in system.
    I still favour the 4-1-2-1-2 as the best system and Bremen is at its lethal best and even man utd can't beat it when Bremen are at its best.:applaus:
    I am also owner of English Speaking Werder Bremen community on social networking site orkut.
    So I would keep myself updated here and keep you updated about the image of Bremen and Bundesliga itself and how to improve it(With bit of aggressive marketing)

    Its my pleasure to meet you all :svw_schal:
  12. Yeah, time all Werder fans from all over the world stand together.Important win against Frankfurt today, let's see what will happen in the next game but I am mightily relieved, good way to start the week on Monday. :svw_schal::svw_applaus:
  13. Sha Tin is a large district in Hong Kong. Good place for living. I live in west Kowloon though.
    Hong Kong is a fantastic city as my home, and as a place with varieties. Many people in the world likes Hong Kong:lol:
  14. Werder completed the first half of this season with a victory, which makes me a little relieved. For the UCL, I had no expectations for the last game vs Inter, but enter the kick-out stage of UEFA is better than nothing, giving that Werder did perform badly in the first 5 games of UCL. Now our team will face another team from Milan, I just hope the guys play at their best. The result is not the most important for me, the fighting spirit is more important.
  15. K1874M


    Edinburgh! Season ticket holder at Tynecastle which makes me a Hearts Fan...

    Good site guys...

    Hopefully I'll make my first Werder Bremen game next Sunday!
  16. Nilsipilsi


    Hello everybody all over the world,

    I hope somebody of you can help me, especially the fans from London.
    Before and after the game against Wolfsburg in december I met a nice fan from London, his name is Dean.
    He lives near Stansted airport and works as a steward at games of Tottenham Hotspurs.
    My friends and I talked with him very great, and he invited me with some friends to London to see a game of the spurs and sightseeing in London.
    I never got an Email from him.
    I think the Email was automatically put in the spam folder.

    It would be great, if somebody knows him and tells him about this message and would send me here a message.

    As service in return I offer a sightseeingtour in Bremen with a drink in one of the best pubs in Bremen.



  17. Nils,
    I don't know the guy (and Arsenal are my 2nd team anyways :D) but why you not simply send an email to Spurs and ask them whether they have anybody with this first name on their payrole ?
    For security reasons they must surely know which individuals are entitled to work as Steward at their home matches ...

    Good luck
  18. Nilsipilsi


    Hello Joern,

    Thanks for your answer.
    That would be the next opportunity, but Dean is a name like Hans in germany, and the other problem could be the data privacy protection.
    The spurs would not be interested to connect I think, because they could not realy profit on it.

  19. tanman


    Hi all

    Im from dundee scotland
  20. Hi Welcome to the forum,

    Tanman & Dundee, Tanman doesn't stand for Tannadice doesn't it? So you're a Dundee United Fan, the Tangerines. I'm sorry for your loss in the Celtic game last week. Quite a few Scots here these days. Welcome...