Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    Hi Curtis,

    Welcome & enjoy the forum... :)

    I have never used any websites to watch Werder games, so I can't recommend anything. But maybe you can ask your question here: http://forum.werder.de/showthread.php?t=1225
    (a thread about watching Werder on TV and on the web). The second post of this thread (post by patkast; unfortunately German only) includes the most helpful web links. Maybe you can find someone in this thread who can tell you in English which one(s) to use best.

    Another option might be the official Werder TV (http://www.werder.tv/). Here's the (German) thread where this is discussed: http://forum.werder.de/showthread.php?t=117
    Maybe there's someone who can let you know what it has to offer and whether it is possible to access it from abroad (as far as I know, it costs some 4 euros a month).
  2. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    @hasenbommel: ok, well Bremerhaven,it reminds me on my Bremen-time, when I made a bicycle trip from there to Bremen, discovering Northsea coast as well. I have seen there a slot machine for milk (Milchautomat) for the first time in my life :lol:

    Anyway, it seems you are enjoying your time in Stockholm, even if there wasn't any possibility to see Werder in the TV sofar;)

    @Curtis: yeah this was really interesting way how you became a Werder-fan:)Hope you can visit Weserstadion as soon as possible!

    A friend of mine in Germany, when he was a child, he just got a picture of a Werder player, and since then, he was collecting pictures of Werder-players and became Werder-fan.
  3. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    @cz_werder: A WHAT-machine? :lol:
    By bike from Bremerhaven to Bremen? That's cool, I made it from Bremerhaven to Cuxhaven, which was pretty hard since we had lots of wind coming from the front...

    @opalo and all the others who would like to know: I have Werder.tv but it does not offer a livestream of Bundesliga and only streams test matches and friendlys sometimes, which does not even work for me, I don't know why! And there has not been much on there over the last few weeks... :(
    Otherwise it offers interviews, Highlights and other reports about fotoshoots and stuff... ;)
  4. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    I assume it's German only...? That would mean it's not that much use for foreign Werder supporters... :(
  5. Yap, the Werder.tv is only in german and this is the reason for which i didn't get the subscription yet(my german language is just starting to develop).

    For me a site where i can see all the games(if there are important ones i can see them on a romanian tv station) is bwin.com. You can see the games for free if you live outside Germany(well almost for free as you have to have some cash in your account, let's say the minimum 10 euro). The only bad part is that the picture is pretty small, but it's better than a text commentary.
    Here is a sample of the image size:
  6. Hi everyone.

    Greetings from Ipswich in England! I am an Ipswich Town fan but now also support Werder Bremen as my German team.

    I visited Bremen last weekend for a look around. Although I didnt get into town in time to see the Cottbuss game, i did hear the crowd when i was walking by the river.

    For me, Bremen = nice people and good beer. That is enough for me to become a Bremen fan!

  7. @ Tractor Boy

    Hi Tractor Boy,

    Actually the first Premiership game I saw was between Leicester and Ipswich at the Walkers Stadium in the 2001/2002 season, 1 : 1 and both teams got relegated at the end of the season, but I have great respect for the Tractor Boys, like us they have achieved quite a bit without the financial backing and the surroundings (e. g. a relative small catchment area, we have Hamburg next to it and you have London next to it with all the clubs). So keep on following the Green-Whites, maybe you should drink a beer more often next to the stadium, maybe the boys start winning again then after that dissappointing 0 - 0 draw with Famagusta in midweek. :applaus::svw_applaus:
  8. @ Curtis and Tractor Boy

    Whenever you guys are in London and Werder plays and it is shown in German bars. Let me know.

    Tomorrow we face Bayern, it is going to be a crunch game. :svw_applaus::applaus:
  9. RedRob


    Hi, I'm from Bristol in England and have been visiting Bremen for about 5 years now, averaging about 6 or 7 matches a year.

    As well as watching Bremen play in Bremen I have also been to a few away matches in Germany with them as well as champion league games in Barcelona, Lyon and Valencia.

    My friend who I usually travel over Here with can't seem to get on here for some reason.

    We have our flights and Hotel booked for Milan Oct. 1st so a question for any one.

    Do You think I will be able to get 2 tickets for the game sitting with the Bremen fans. ?

    The club will not post them so any help on this matter would be of great help

    Cheers :svw_applaus:
  10. @ RedRob

    Hi RedRob, nice to hear that you follow the club. Quite a few fans in the UK.

    Of course, this is a thread in the German section but it is those fans talking that are going to make the trip for the Inter game. Maybe you get in touch with them over there. They should be able to understand English and give you all the answers that you want. Maybe some other fans will read the thread and give you the information you need. Good luck with that.

  11. Thanks for the invite. I do not visit London often but I will remember next time i am there. Which are the best bars in london to watch werder?
  12. Since today it must be the Three Famous Kings in West Kensington. I still can not believe what I have seen today. :eek::svw_applaus::svw_schal:
  13. I was watching the yahoo matchcast and thought it must have blown a fuse! Can't wait to see the highlights on TV, but need to find a channel on sky that will show them.
  14. Sentanta, got the game, so I saw it twice today. Soon we have to concentrate on the next matches though, the cup match against Aue and with Hoffenheim the second in the table seems to come to the Weserstadion next week.
  15. Hello!
    I'm Midori from Fukuoka in Japan.
    I'm so glad to be here:)
    i received the postcard today so I came here...

    I love bremen very very very much.
    There is wonderful city has great football club!!
    I been to bremen twice because I love city of bremen and werder bremen.

    I love werder bremen because their football is wonderful.
    And I love city of bremen because there is the great city in the world.
    Also I went to Wasser stadion to see bremen player.
    (Unfortunately i haven't watched a match there.)

    Oh I'm so sorry my poor English...
    Anyway I'm so glad to meet you,for all bremen fan!!:beer:
    Best regards:svw_schal:
  16. Good God!!!!!

    What an unbelivable match against Hoffenheim.

    Hard to understand how we almost lost this game leading 4-1 at first ...

    but anyway - thats why I love WERDER :D

    big respect to Hoffenheim, too. they never gave up fighting from the very fist beginning to the last minute of extra time.

    My short curiculum werdae ;)

    1992: moved to Bremen - Werder did win the "Pokal der Pokalsieger" against Monaco and I immediately fell in love with the club.

    1993: started to work as tv stage hand in the weser stadion, and was able to witness one of the legendary "Wunder von der Weser" (SV Werder - RSC Anderlecht 5:3 (0:3) ) from the side line of the stadium. due to the torrential rain we were exposed during our working hours before during and after the match me and my fellow workers all catched a cold....

    2002: moved to vienna/austria. Had some hard times watching WERDER during the first two years. No more Weser Stadium. I regularly went to the betting offices instead - werder matches were eventually shown parallel to dog racing (on small screens and without audio of course)

    Today: each saturday the top match of the german bundeliga is shown live on free tv - of course often WERDER.
  17. Arigato Greenblood,

    Servus Operettenkicker,

    What a heart attack game that was. I honestly thought (I'm 30 years old) I will die, my heart can not do this much longer. "Meine Pumpe haelt das nicht viel laenger aus." Excuse my German...But I have to say who would have thought what a possible gem we have with Mesut Oezil.

    Let's see what we can do in the Guiseppe Meazza Stadium against Inter. Maybe our counterattacks could cause surprises but that is a long shot. Let's just see what happens. I'm excited anyway as suddenly the team seems more lively.

    Watched last saturday's game in the Three Famous Kings in West Kensington. Seems that bar brings us some luck.

    Let's hope that luck continues.:svw_applaus::applaus:
  18. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    I'm getting desperate at the moment since I'm not having any luck with Bremen over here in Stockholm. So far I have managed to watch/listen all the games on stream or radio but three...
    It started out going to football in Germany (Bielefeld) one last time two days before I left. Followed Schalke and Gladbach on Stream, liveticker and radio over here and found Werder in some kind of not toooooo good matches. So for the next weekends I kept travelling around to see Sweden, visited Göteborg, Uppsala and things around Stockholm, MISSING (watch out!!!)


    I came home being deperate of missing the fun games all the time, so I took a Saturday off last weekend, putting on the stream vs. Stuttgart...

    You know the rest... So I solemly swear to keep my fingers off the streams from now on :lol:

    Same with Paderborn, which has been my hometown for ever 20 years and still is. For some reason and due to missing streams from 3rd division I just let my passion for Paderborn rest, so when my friend told me to have a look at the table few days ago, I was pretty amazed seeing my town at the top.

    So I guess everything I just let go off, not watching at all, is turning out to be good, since I'm still the lucky one :roll: who missed the whole season of 2003/2004 being in the USA :wall:
  19. Yeah, it was something like that for me also. I missed the games against Bayern and Hoffenheim and then i traveled to Stuttgart and i saw the game on the stadium with the trashing we received. Stuttgart is starting to become a really though nut for us.
  20. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Seems there are just some cursed people amongst us... :(