Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. I actually went to Zeitgeist last weekend to watch the start of the Bundesliga. Seems to be more a Cologne Pub but people were nice. Zeitgeist is on 49 Black Prince Road between Vauxhall Subway Station and Lambeth North.

    However, when I am back from Leeds which will be right after the Moenchengladbach game I will go to the Bavarian Beerhouse near Old Street where I met London Joerni first it seems to be a Werder pub but so far I have not been there on matchdays but that is where Joerni goes and therefore it must be a Werder pub.

    Come by for one of the games...:svw_applaus:
  2. The Three Famous Kings in Kensington? I was calling that bar but I had the wrong number, when did you go there the last time? And did they show the Werder games?

    If so, it is very close to where I live. Let me know...drop us a message here.
  3. The Three Kings at Kensington does show all Werder matches and they also hosting the biggest Werder Fan Club at London - expect there 10-15 people in green-white shirts sitting in front of a TV and watching the Werder games ! Unfortunately the pub isn't very nice and they show Werder on standard TV's only (i.e. no large screen display) . Therefore I prefer the Bavarian Beerhouse at Old Street (or alternatively the Zeitgeist where they have an excellent German menu !) :beer:
  4. Cheers Joerni, I will check out the Beerhouse soon as well as the 3 Kings to see how that is going. Off to Leeds tomorrow for 11 days and then soon off to Germany and China but we meet up for watching matches in September or October. Auf geht's Werder!

    Larmen, would be great to catch up with you as well.
  5. Hey Werder Echo,

    Ren shi ni hen gao xing.

    I am travelling back to Beijing in September (lived there for two years) I try to catch one of Guoan's home games there.
  6. Saturday I watched on Premiere as I was ... in Bremen.

    I might get time to check out one of the possibilities thisweek.
  7. Hi, just got my postcard in the post :p

    Werder fan from England here, 17 year old student. Following Werder since 2006-ish :stirn:
  8. Welcome to the board Curtis.

    Already a student at 17 years? You're in a hurry :)
  9. Well, at sixth form, if you know what that is. But it's non-compulsory education :applaus:
  10. pani1911

    pani1911 Guest

    Hi! I am from Cyprus, 13 years old! I support Werder but now that Famagusta is playing with you guys I think for those two matchs I am going to be with Fama! As I saw, we didn't start the season well! But with the Champions League, you have a big chance!
  11. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Hey, I'm from Germany, living in Stockholm right now!
    Since I'm living here with 70 other exchange students, my German got a little messed up :lol:
  12. ...getting a good weekly dose of the beer and footy on GOLTV! :svw_schal: Green and White FOOOOREVER!!! I live in the prairies of Canada and watch Bundesliga every weekend. My Mom and Dad were from Bremen and they had a soccerbaby - after they moved here - that's me! For months I have been on the internet keeping up to date with this team. After much reading I began posting once in a while. So now I'm over the "netgeist" I came here, to the most obvious place to be. I will begin my weekends with a visit and I look forward to getting to know my fellow fans in the future. Good luck one and ALL!
  13. Hi everyone
    I am a 24 year old girl from Norway. I became a fan recently and am hoping to find some more fans here in the area.
    I am going to Dortmund in march wo watch the game Borussia Dortmund - Werder Bremen. I am already looking forward to it =)
  14. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    @curtis663,pani1991,hasenbommel,stomper,melä:its good to have you here, welcome!!I just want to ask you,how did you find the way to Werder and how do you follow Werder in your country?
  15. Welcome to our new members.

    Melä i'm sure you gonna be stunned by the Signal Iduna Park. I also went there for a Dortmund - Nurnberg game and i stayed in the standing area. It is just impressive. To bad the game finished 0-0 so i couldn't see how much noise can 80.000 happy fans do. For you i hope for a game with lots of goals and a Weder win.
  16. BayernBremen

    BayernBremen Guest

    Hey all, glad i was able to navigate through the language for registration. I live in New York and recently took up an obsession with following the premiere league, bundasliga, and the allsvenskan. And so far love seeing Rosenberg and Klose. Anyways while i'm here i have had a question about the bremen jersey troubling me for awhile. Just wanted to hear what is the significance nto the symbol of the two ladies sitting back-to-back? thanks
  17. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    @cz_werder: I am from Germany actually and study in Bremerhaven over there! I just moved to Stockholm just a few weeks ago to study here for a while and since I love to talk English and my German is getting trashy anyway I thought I'd just try out the English part of the forum and maybe find some fans who know where to watch Werder in Stockholm.
    So far I have not seen any match over here since my weekends are stuffed with sightseeing, organizing and once in a while trying out on Swedish football, which as been a crazy (derby) experience so far. :eek:
    So the first German match I saw over here was the national team yesterday, which I had to stream over the internet since we messed up the TV Cabin on a party on Saturday and so far noone's getting up to fix it :lol:
  18. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    That's a good question, I've never thought of that logo! It's just the logo of Kappa, the company doing the jerseys ;) But I don't actually know what it means!
  19. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    You might get some comments on your nick because supporting Bremen and Bayern at the same time is slightly unusual... ;)

    EDIT: And here's the answer to your Kappa question:
    The Kappa logo is based on a photograph showing two Kappa models sitting back to back. It is meant to stand for fairness and mutual respect in sports, as well as in everyday life.

    Here's the link to the (German) source:
  20. Well, i know it may seem silly, but i first known of Werder playing as them on a computer game :p
    It's then all gone from there, i started following the real life results, and then bought the shirt from a sports site, i've since been to a werder game, which was in england last season when they played a friendly against everton in pre-season. although it was 3 hours from my home, i still went :D
    When i hopefully go to uni, and have a bit more 'freedom' i hope to be able to travel to bremen 2-3 times a year and see some games, particulary the "nord-derby" i believe it is called.. against hamburg? :rolleyes:

    But anyway, i've always been coming on the english version of the official site, and when i saw the link to the english part of the forum, i jumped at the chance to join (i even got a cool postcard all the way from bremen :D)

    I've been looking for a website to watch bremen games live on, and have tried some before, but i just can't find a decent one. I often have to watch text commentary on the eurosport/skysports site and see highlights on youtube. If anybody could reccomend me a free site or an official site which requires paying, i don't mind paying to see werder matches over the internet, but as long as it is official and not going to rip me off :wall:

    Sorry it's been a bit long, but i wanted to say how i've became a werder fan, and you asked too so.. :svw_applaus::applaus::svw_applaus::applaus: