Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Martin and I have the honour to write the first bit in the new English language section of the Werder Forum. Let's turn this into a lively section of the Forum. Werder and football lovers all shall gather here.

    I am 30 years old and currently living in West London where it is awfully quite these days since Wayne Rooney and his England teammates are more involved in drinking than playing football as other European footballing nations do these days.

    I am originally from Southern Germany and I came to Werder by the age of 11 through my father who grew up in Bremen and it has been a big part of my life ever since and it never left me, even when I travelled through Europe or lived in the US and Greater China.

    I fondly remember many a nights on the tv witnessing numerous miracles at the shore of the Weser river where the Stadium is when we beat big teams under floodlight in European Cup nights as well as fantastic games in the league. When I was 15 the best memory I made in Stuttgart when I saw us winning the Championship in 1993, I am also still overwhelmed about the way we achieved double glory in 2004. And, I hope we can do it again, maybe this year :applaus: :svw_applaus:

    Furthermore, I also enjoy a cracking Euro 2008 and that is the case not just because of Germany but because of the many excellent games we have seen at this stage so far.

    Please join this lively forum and tell us how you found to Werder!

  2. Hey Martin, thanks for the superb introduction!

    My name is JAGnik and I currently live in 'good old' ALabama, USA. I was born in Nordrhein-Westfalen, but I grew up in foreign countries (Belgium, USA) and south-western Germany (Heidelberg) for the most part. I have been an avid Werder supporter ever since I can remember (the 1987-1988 season to be exact), and with players like Rune Bratseth and Wynton Rufer in the picture and many a nights sitting in front of the television or being part of the crowd at the Weserstadion, witnessing numerous Werder miracles, that never changed. And it never will.

    Who would have ever imagined, though, that Werder Bremen, a club with relatively modest financial means, would establish themselves as one of the power houses of German and international football in recent years? That they would become famous for their 'shamelessly' attractive football? I, for one, have to admit that I never saw that coming, and I am extremely proud of what the Werder officials have accomplished in Bremen.

    So, what else do I love about this club? Well, I love Werder's down to earth pragmatism and I enjoy the fact that officials and players here are usually allowed relative peace and that, for the most part at least, they also stand for a more level-headed environment. And last but not least, I'm deeply in love with our high-scoring offense.

    Anyways, I should be going now, just wanted to say 'hi'.

    Take care, Ladies and Gentlemen, and enjoy Werder Bremen.
    Johannes-HB gefällt das.
  3. Fantastic summing up, JAGnik! Yeah who would have thought where the club is headed to, one day.:)
  4. @ Bremer America Linie

    We must meet sometimes at the Bavarian Beerhouse at Old Street so we can have a beer (or two...) and chat about Werder & Footie :beer:
  5. @ London Joerni

    Yes, I sended you a message, let us meet up in London sometime soon. Especially after the EURO Schock, haha.
  6. Hello ^^
    My name is Uiara and I'm from Brazil.I'm a Werder fan since 2006 :D
    My dream is going to a Werder game :mad:
    Johannes-HB gefällt das.
  7. dupree91


    Why so angry?
  8. Maybe because Werder don't show up in Brazil very often...
  9. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Hello together,

    my name is Petr and I am from the Czech Republic. How I found to Werder?I went to Bremen to make a practicum in autumn 2002 (in one unnamed brewery:D) and as there was Bundesliga in Bremen, I decided to visit a game. It was against Rostock and the result was 0:0. Despite of the fact, that it wasn't so impressive game, I came back to Weserstadion. In my second game I'v seen, Dortmund played Bremen. As I found Dortmund quite sympatic in this time (ok, mostly because of Koller&Rosicky) I was happy to see Dortmund win, I think 4:1. But as in the next game Bayern Munich came to Bremen, the breakpoint for me has come. Staying in the Ostkurve made me support Werder in this match and it lasts till today and for sure forever:svw_applaus:. In the next time, when I got to know Werder-players better and the whole "Werder-team" and it's philosophy, I found it was really good decision:cool: I really have enjoyed the time with Ailton&Co and went to the most of the home games in the first part of the season 02/03. When I had to leave Bremen, I bought at least a Werder-scarf as a reminder on my Bremen time. Since the time, I follow Werder as much as it is possible. Luckily, czech free TV broadcasts from each CL-round 4 games, (and the friday Bundesliga game) so it happens very often, that Werder games are choosen. Since my Bremen time, I went to only one Werder game-in Cottbus in 2007, but I am planing to visit friends in Bremen and of course Weserstadion as well very soon.

    Well that's all for this moment, I hope we can meet in this "new forum" as much "old known faces" from the old forum as possible.
  10. Yes, that's true. It's too hard to know something about the team and it all here but think God we have the Internet and then we can follow the club ^^
  11. @ Uih So

    Welcome to the forum, it's a pity that there is less chance to see Werder being broadcasted on Brazilian TV, very happy that we have fans down there.

    I just saw this incredible Copa Libertadores Final Replay between Fluminense and Quito, what incredible football. I think many Werder fans in the "Neuverpflichtungs" Section of the Forum are throwing around with the names of possible Brazilian players Werder might sign, I think, maybe you can tell them more about these players, haha. Sometimes they are praising every Brazilian player without even knowing him.

    What do you personally think of Carlos Alberto? Was he a failure? Can he come back and be part of the team? Or is he disgruntled about Werder and wants to join his old mentor Jose Mourinho?

    Would be nice to know what the Brazilians are saying about this.

    Keep posting in this forum, let us try to make this lively. :applaus: On to a new great and fascinating season! Maybe we win the championship this year.
  12. @ Czech Werder

    That sounds like a lasting love you found with Werder! What do you personally think about Gerard Houllier as the new coach of your National Team? He has signed for the Czechs, has he? I like the Czech team because my mum is Czech. I think with a good coach and in good teams Czech players will become stronger and more tournament experienced. Maybe a few talents sign for us, hehe.

    Is Baros still an issue? Could he move to Werder? I do not know much about him or not or whether he could be useful?
  13. Hey ^^
    Nice that you like our participation here :D
    Yes, it was a great final in Maracanã, I don't cheer for Fluminense but I got angry because Tiago Neves doesn't know how to kick penalties ¬¬ But anyways, soccer is like that and there's always the next Championship.
    About Carlos Alberto I think he doesn't know how to enjoy the chances, I don't see a good soccer of him and he's always doing something out of pitch that appears more than his "talent". I think Werder should do a research about the conduct before sign with any player (brazilians, chinese, germans, etc.), but with CA they did what many teams here did with him: Gave him a chance. And unfortunately, he didn't enjoy it. For CA it's better stay in Brazil because he still must learn a lot in Botafogo xD
    And about a good player for Werder I can say Obina from Flamengo. He's fast and effective when has to decide, it's a good one for do a attack couple with Diego or Rosenberg =}

    obs: And for the emoticon in my 1st post, wasn't because I can't watch the games, I have a luck to have cable TV and watch the games every saturday ^^
    It was because I never had a chance to watch a live game, in the stadium, which is my big dream \o>

  14. Finally i'm here ... the postacard has arrived and now i can be again part of the Werder familly here on the forum.

    For the ones who don't know me from the initial forum: i'm a 24 years old Werder fan from Romania. I'm supporting Werder since 1998.

    Living far away from Weserstadion makes it a little hard to see Werder live but with the lowcost airlines which entered Romania lately i was able as a student to go see Werder's games in Sofia, Rome and last year and season i also went to Bremen for the Mainz game.

    P.S. Nice job with all the green smileys :applaus:
  15. Hey Waterboyro , welcome to the new Forum :applaus::svw_schal:

    I already thought you wouldn't join us for the new style Forum to avoid having to pay for all the beers subject Werder is going to play this season Bukarest in the CL :D

    It's still nice and cosy here in the English forum. No change then :)

    The rumours about Podolski don't want to come to an end. The player has apparently this Friday some showdown talks with Klinsmann and we can only keep our fingers crossed that Poldi is not going to like what he will be told by his bosses. I guess only then we'll have a realistic chance signing him ...

    In the meantime I hope that Diego will eventually get over his disappointment for being not allowed to join Brasil's Olympic team - but I think Klausi's decision was right and also Diego has to understand where the priorities are.

    Still 4 weeks to go until the Bundesliga commences...does anybody has an idea what to do the weekends in between ??? I am missing my Footie !! :beer:
  16. Well i just saw that Werder will come to Sofia to play a friendly on 5th august. Maybe if i can find someone who wants to go there i will make a little trip to see the team ahead of the official beginning of the season.
  17. Hi, I'm a Chinese Werder Fan. Right now I'm living in Beijing, waiting for Diego to come here for Olympic Games,HOHO~~:svw_schal:
  18. You're one of the lucky fans who can find a good part in Diego going to the Olympics.
  19. Did you manage to get a ticket to see one of the Brazil matches live in the stadium ?

    Best Werder Greetings from the other part of the world :svw_schal:
  20. Where do you guys watch the Bundesliga then?

    If I go I am usually in Kensington, F3K.