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  1. @killie - I will be sure to ask Ulrika - is she one of the contributors on here? :tnx:
  2. is there some picture on how it will looks like?

    i got it...

    so add +1 for me
  3. slemke


    Bremen, 500m vom Stadion
    Didn't work for Theodor zu Guttenberg either...:D
  4. killiefan


    she's not a lowly contributor..........she's a moderator!
  5. My apologies :tnx:
  6. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

  7. Looks great - any chance of tshirts later on?
  8. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Yes. We thought of talking to the people on the IWW about who's interested ;)
    We were a bit late with doing this before so we'll do it that way :)
  9. kastemato


    kleine Weser
    No, it´s just me ;)
    And you can call me Liv as Ulrike is just the name my parents are using when I was a bad girl :p
  10. saw this thread a bit late. count me in too. i dont know, maybe the russians would want to have buttons too, but cant say now for sure, cause they`re already flying somewhere :D
  11. Am i too Late? I just want One??????
  12. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    We had them made yesterday but made a few extra ones cause we guessed not everyone would read this in time :)
    Though we have just about 10-12 extra ones but they said we could always come back and get more for the same price of 1,25€ even if we have just 20 more made :grinsen:
    Yesterday I picked up 60 of them after three hours so in emergency I can make more during the guided city tour as it's just in the middle of town :)

    If we don't have enough especially the people from Bremen that live around me like el_ben, Tasja or Anni, who will come back in two weeks can give theirs away first and get new ones ;)