General Information about Werder, Tickets & Bremen

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    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    Here you can find some general information about Werder, Tickets and the city of Bremen. It's quite basic at this stage, but perhaps better than nothing ;)

    Werder, Tickets & Membership

    Questions regarding Tickets / Tickets Wanted - International Board

    Tickets Wanted - German Section of the Forum You can look for tickets for the game you would like to see in the "Kartengesuche" (=Ticket(s) Wanted) section. Posting your request in English should be no problem. The tickets there are sold by other fans at original price.


    Werder Bremen Merchandise

    Werder Magazine

    From Bremen Central Station to the Stadium & Back


    Werder Culture and Tradition

    Where to Watch Werder Games

    Where to Stay & What to Do

    Where to Stay German section of the forum, including a number of links to hotels & hostels in Bremen.

    Pubs, Cafés & Restaurants in Bremen

    Visiting Bremen