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  1. (In case anyone here would be interested in starting this up after nine years....)

    I’m very excited to see how the cup game goes in a couple weeks. If Werder wins, it’s the second Pokal semi-final in three seasons. They’d still have to get past at least one good club to win it, but it doesn’t feel impossible right now. At the end of the day, Bremen’s defense is good enough to hold even a good team scoreless on its best day. Then take it to penalties and let’s see what happens.
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    Cyril Sneer

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    Wow, I didn't even knew such thread even existed :)
    Yes, cool we are still in the Cup and it would be a disappointment if we don't win against Regensburg, should be possible. ;)
    Then let's see.
    Impossible is nothing.:D
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