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  1. Well the waiting is over: the first official match will commence in less than 4 hours.

    The game against Nordhorn should not pose problems but we know that the Cup is always full of surprises, and we also had lots of troubles last two seasons in the first round: a last minute win and a penalty loss against minnows Pirmasens.

    The squad that traveled to the german-dutch border is almost perfect: only Mertesacker and Harnik are missing. Hunt, Boenisch and Baumann managed to recover and had a good training session yesterday but for me i think it will be better not to play from the first minute. The Bundesliga start is very important and a new injury will not help the team at all.
  2. I hope that we will win, because I won´t remember to the match agains the FK Pimasens...:svw_applaus:
  3. In the end the best formation was sent from the first minute(they players that had some problems this week where not rested) and the results can be seen: 1-0 for Werder. Scorer Rosenberg, after a pass from Jensen.
  4. :applaus::svw_applaus::applaus:
    And i think we can already think of the next round: 2-0 by Hugoal! This time it was Rosi with the pass.
  5. :applaus::applaus::applaus:
    3-0 and still counting ... once again Hugo from a Frings pass!
    I think we're in a duel with Gladbach to see who can score the most(they already have 5-0 :D)
  6. And now Frings is also giving a good pass to the other striker Rosenberg and ... his second goal and 4-0!

    The score is 4-6 in the duel against Gladbach.
  7. And as usual ... we must concede a goal: 4-1 now the score. Gladbach has already 7-0.
  8. Gooooooal against HSV!!!
  9. And 5-1 ... the hattrick for Almeida. Once again Rosenberg the supplier. :beer:
  10. Just like for the first goal: Jensen with the assist and Rosi with the goal: 6-1 and both our strikers have 3 goals :applaus::applaus::applaus:
  11. I can't write that fast :lol:
    2 substitutions:
    Sanogo and Niemayer for Hunt and Almeida ... the result:
    Frings with the pass, Sanogo with the goal: 7-1 :applaus:
    On minute later Vranjes is coming for Baumann and then the Sanogo show continues:
    after another 2 minute pass Sanogo, goal Rosi 8-1 :svw_applaus:
    after another 1 minute pass Sanogo, goal Vranjes 9 -1 :svw_schal:
  12. :wall: and the Nordhorn scores again. A player for them managed to dribble 3 or 4 Werder players and beat Wiese.

    Very good offensive but 2 goals conceded?!? :wall:
  13. The 3rd goal conceded?!?!? :wall::wall::wall:
    This game is starting to be a real emblem for us: we score a lot be we're very insecure at the back. How the hell can we concede 3 goals against this team?!?!
  14. @ Waterboyro

    Agree with you that we shouldn't have conceded three goals but I think the concentration was already down a little bit and in the end it didn't matter.

    It was certainly a good day for our offence but Bielefeld will surely be the first real test. If we can beat them in the same style (preferably also with the same result :D , then we have all reasons to be optimistic for the new season.

    5 days to go - I can't wait seeing the (Bundesliga) ball rolling again :svw_schal::beer:
  15. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Come on Werder, just 3 games left and we are in the UEFA-cup next season;)
  16. 2-1 already ... i hope we can keep it up.
  17. And we did but only after we were equalized. So a 5-2 win for us, which means we only have a step to do till the Berlin final. That will be sweet and who knows, maybe with that, our season will not be a total fluke.
  18. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Yeah, it means just two more victory , or under somer circumstances just one, and we have the UEFA-cup ticket for next season;) But it doesn't mean, we won't fight in the other competitions in the same way...
  19. If we qualify for the final will you be there? I already dream of a car trip to Munich(my brother), Berlin(the final) and Prague.
  20. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Well, I was thinking about seeing Werder "live" this year in Frankfurt or Berlin in the bundesliga. But of course, to be in Berlin on the 30th of May and see the final with Werder would be better. So, maybe we'll meet at the Branderburger gate;)