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  1. After a Werderless summer is once again time for the Bundesliga :applaus:

    Today we have a trip to Bielefeld that doesn't bring back good memories if we consider at least the last two visits. But for today i have a good feeling. The strikers are super motivated now to show what they can cause Pizarro is here and the may lose their place in the team. Hunt and Ozil must also show good form while Diego is away and in defence the battle for positions must produce some solid games from the back 4. So, only 4 hours left until the start.

    The probable team is:

  2. And we can say that it was an awful start for a season. OK, we won a point, or lost 2 considering we had the lead 2 time, but we played bad, really bad. I don't remember now another scoring opportunity except the 2 goals we scored.
    When you are dominated by a team like Arminia it's a problem. Ok, it's just the first match day but next week we already have to play against Schalke. This means we must improve really quick.
  3. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Hmm,maybe good I haven't seen the match.Of course I have expected 3 points, but this is dissapointing to read and hear how we played...It seems that the problem was in the midfield, if we are not able to prepare more chances:confused:
  4. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    No, the problem was, once again, defence... I start to wonder whether it might not have been better to look for an experienced player for the defence instead of looking for another striker... :(
  5. Yeah, also in defence cause we had the lead twice and couldn't keep in front, but cz_werder is also wright: the midfield lacked yesterday the vision. We didn't have some nice plays, only long balls and missed passes. This is not enough.

    Opalo i think you have a point: for the last 2 seasons we didn't bought a solid defender. Boenisch, Tosic and Prodl are ok but they must grow. Let's hope the develop fast.
  6. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    I think, recently, defence wasn't a strong part of Werder. The usuall course of Werder-games was as following:A lot of chances, 2,3 or more goals and then it wasn't sometimes so important, if we kept zero behind, or recieved 1 or two goals. Unfortunately, it wasn't this typicall Werder-game in Bielefeld. I do not want to play catenaccio or Rangers-like. But it is not only question of defence itself, it is also question of midfield, how to cover free spaces/players...
  7. I could only see a brief summary of the highlights but even from those
    few minutes I could gather that we still have a big problems on the
    wings. Fritz had a terrible day (it was really that bad) and Boenisch
    is still quite inexperienced. I guess replacing him by Pasanen might be
    the better choice when playing Schalke next Saturday.

    My only hope for next week are Rosi and Pizza upfront :svw_schal::applaus::svw_applaus:
  8. I don't think we can count just yet on Pizarro. After only a week at the team to see him in the starting line-up it not the right thing to do, in my opinion. I think this will cause some troubles with the other forwards, Almeida and Sanogo, and this kind of troubles can and must be avoided. Pizarro must demonstrate before he is entitled to a starting line-up place.
  9. Perhaps you are right. But I don't think that our problem is the offence
    anyways but it's rather the less than perfect work in the defense.
    Hopefully Mertesacker will return rather sooner than later. For Saturday's
    match vs Schalke I can only hope that Fritz will have a much better day
    than last week and Pasanen shall be an option for the left side where
    I consider him time being stronger than Boenisch.
    We'll see....but I expect a very close match ...:svw_applaus:
  10. I want to see us winning against Schalke. The problem in Bielefeld wasn't as much the offense as it was the defense, that worries me a little bit and Schalke looks good at the moment but on the other hand I like to be the underdog in the Weserstadion and hope we can win it. I want Claudio to become champion with us! I remember seeing him when he first joined he was the first world class signing which showed the nose Allofs and Schaaf have that he comes back happily is a great sign for the club in this regard, maybe he nets one on his debut.
  11. With Pasanen in the defence we shall be able to win
    3 : 1

    Remember where you read the correct score first :D

  12. Hello every body and nice to read your post, i also think we have problem in deffence my tips for today is 4-2 for werder hee is my start team.
    Werder - Schalke 23.08.2008






    wish you all good time.
  13. Unfortunately i won't see the game today. I must leave now in a weekend trip, so for me the best result is 1-0 for us, because:
    - it's a win and we must get the 3 points today
    - I'm not gonna miss a memorable game (like the 5-1 thrashing last season)

    And the unselfish part of me is saying: even a 7-0 win will be good(even if I'll miss it) :lol:

    And the realistic part of me is saying: 3-2 or 2-1 ... we're not yet capable of a clean sheet against a strong team(i hope I'm not wright)
  14. I don't see here happy faces ... actually i don't see anyone after the 1-1 draw with Schalke. The result is not fantastic but is not also a disaster. I can't comment on the players game because i will only watch the game now, as i managed to get a copy of it.

    P.S. I nearly got the wright result with the 1-0(which one of my personalities predicted :lol:)
  15. And once again we played like a second division team. Something is not working and that something is the defence. We must improve or else we can start thinking of a Uefa Cup spot rather than a CL place as we manage to do in the last 5 years.
  16. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Finally, I have seen a match of Werder since beginning of this bundesliga year 08/09, or at least 2nd half.It seems that almost all players are somehow tired or something. It is so easy to come through our defence! The amount of preparation matches was quite high, but perhaps the same like in recent years.Maybe Thomas Schaaf's training in the summer was too hard? I hope when Merte is back, it'll be better. But to recieve 3 goals from a newcomer in the 1.bundesliga, this is not Werder we want to see...
  17. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    That's what I thought, too! Maybe the summer was just too hard? It's not only training but a lot of players from Bremen had to do the European Cup also!
    I think missing Merte is even worse than missing Diego, so hopefully he'll be able to play again soon!
  18. I would like to know if Mertes is in this Saturday's line-up. Anyone well informed please remedy this anxiety or I will die already! Proedl is trying his best but he might as well play netminder (like Tim Weise would ever get in his way :lol:). Oops, harsh words, the seaon has just begun! I'll be loading up the Bundesliga.de ticker because the game is not broadcast in Canada. The games that are brodcast, the Schalke/Dortmund match and the Bayern/Cologne: I hope BvB crushes Scheisske and Cologne follows suit :p.
  19. Mertesacker is not yet ready for a full match so the defensive pair will be Naldo- Prodl. Ths question is: will Diego play or not? He only arrived yesterday in Bremen and the long journey from Sud America may be a little to much for him.
  20. ...I guess I'll know soon enough! :svw_schal: