Werder Chocolate Balls

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125 g (100 g = €3.99)
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Material: milk chocolate (minimum 30% cocoa)
Weight: 125g
May contain traces of hazelnut and peanuts.
Product Details

Just like you and Werder Bremen, this sweetness lasts a lifetime. This 125g chocolate balls gives you a mouthwatering feeling, piece by piece. What makes this SV Werder Bremen treat so special is its delicious FAIRTRADE milk chocolate.

The huge Werder diamond logo on the packaging uses designs that are associated with the club. The chocolate’s sporty look is completed by the goal net design.

This chocolate temptation from Confiserie Riegelein is a delicious alternative to chips. Whether it's for an exciting Werder game, a regular snack or a gift, it is so easy to show your love for the club. A favorite sweet treat for all who enjoy being Werder fans and don't want to do without their support for Werder while snacking. This delicious chocolate balls takes care of it all. Well, are you craving for something sweet?

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Custom Characteristics:

  • FAIRTRADE milk chocolate from Confiserie Riegelein

1. Name of Food

  • 19-83111 Werder Chocolate Balls (cocoa: 30% minimum)

2. Directory of ingredients (identical to packaging) 

  • sugar
  • cocoa butter
  • whole milk powder
  • cocoa mass
  • sweet whey powder
  • emulsifier: soy lecithins
  • bourbon vanilla extract
  • May contain traces of hazelnut and peanuts

3. Substances / ingredients that could cause allergies and intolerances

  • Soy (emulsifier: soy lecithins)
  • Milk (whole milk powder, sweet whey powder)
  • May contain traces of hazelnut and peanuts

4. Nutritional declaration 

Nutritional value Average nutritional values per 100g
Calorific value  2.276 kJ / 545 kcal
Fat  32g
of which saturates 20g
Carbohydrates 57g
of which sugars 57g
Protein 5,5g
Salt 0,25g

5. Amount of ingredients mentioned in the description of product / highlighted by words or images

  • Cocoa: 30% minimum

6. Net quantity

  • 125g 

7. Alcohol by volume (percentage)

8. Special instructions for storage and use (if necessary)

  • Protect from heat and store dry

9. Directions for use (if necessary) 

10. Name and address of food business

  • Hans Riegelein & Sohn GmbH & Co KG, Tiembacherstr. 11-13, 90556 Cadolzburg

11. Country or place of origin

  • Germany