T-shirt Glamorous 70s

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Material: 100% cotton
Color: offwhite
Product Details

Simply cool. This awesome unisex shirt comes in our stylish “120 years“ design and is perfect for cool Werder styles. The fashionable jubilee design distinguishes this high-quality SV Werder Bremen T-Shirt.
Our exclusive collection to celebrate the club’s 120th birthday is devided in three decades (‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s). On this short-sleeved shirt, a trendy, beery-coloured 70s motif takes center stage, making the top a must have for any devoted Werder Bremen fan. Various famous Werder players (Schütz, Piontek, Höttges, Görts, Zembski, Assauer, Weist, Røntved, Röber, Kamp, Burdenski und Reinders) of the decade, depicted in the print , round off the stylish look. The statement piece features the Werder Diamond logo along with the “GLAMOROUS” lettering, adding to the overall style of the top, and showing your love and pride for Werder Bremen. The printed Werder style “120 Jahre” (years) jubilee tagline “Lauter “(meaning lauder) along with the “Werder” lettering above the 70s motif add that extra pop of cool. The magic number “120 years” is surrounded by three stars on each side.
Thanks to the perfect cut, this top fits comfortably and thus leaves a lot of freedom of movement. Modern turn-over sleeves and a stylish, ribbed round neckline ensure you look right on trend. Pair with jeans, chinos, and sweat jackets for cool and trendy styling. Everyone knows that the right top is crucial to the entire outfit.  A statement piece to show your love and passion for your club. So update your Werder arsenal and infuse some nostalgia into your look with this hip shirt - a must have for any SV Werder Bremen fan! #legends

Custom Characteristics:

  • Big beery-coloured motif as print on the front:
    • Jubelee number “120 Jahre” (years) with three stars on each side
    • Werder style “120 years” jubilee tagline “Lauter “(meaning lauder)
    • Werder Diamond logo along with the “GLAMOROURS” lettering
    • Specification of decade: 70s
    • Famous players of the decade listed
      • Schütz
      • Piontek
      • Höttges
      • Görts
      • Zembski
      • Assauer
      • Weist
      • Røntved
      • Röber
      • Kamp
      • Burdenski
      • Reinders
  • Modern turn over sleeves
  • Ribbed round neckline
  • Comfortable fit

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