Sports bag Spielraum

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This item is made partly from recycled material and therefore bears our green logo. You can find more information on this topic in the product description.

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Material: 80% cotton, recycled 20% polyester, recycled
Color: offwhite
Product Details

SPIELRAUM. The official sports bag for SV Werder Bremen's SPIELRAUM concept has a simple design and makes every Werder fan's heart beat faster.

SPIELRAUM concept? What is that actually? A brief summary of the most important facts:

What is the goal? Werder wants to enable as many children and young people as possible to have a sports biography, to get them excited about SVW and sports, and to bring about positive change in society through sports. One key to this is the SPIELRAUM.

What is a SPIELRAUM? SPIELRAUM refers to a social space. In order to reach children, spatial proximity is needed. Together with network partners, Werder works here to give children and young people access to sports. In each SPIELRAUM, daycare centers, elementary and secondary schools, social organizations and sports clubs form a network. Werder has defined a total of twenty GAME ROOMS in Bremen and Lower Saxony.

What happens in the SPIELRAUM? Here, children and young people with and without impairments and/or refugee experience have access to sports, for example through weekly exercise programs or regular events. 365 days a year. In addition, Werder works with network partners to train and qualify young people so that they can take on responsibility themselves and enable new generations of young people to participate in sports. Professional and junior SVW players are also involved.

The sports bag is in off-white and stands out with its green "SPIELRAUM" print. It also puts the focus on what is important: SPIELRAUM.

Spread the word and support our SPIELRAUM concept.

Custom Characteristics:


This product was made from recycled material and therefore features our green stuff logo.

For more information on these issues, please visit:


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