Piggybank Throw-in

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Material: ceramics
Color: green/white
Product Details

Welcome. We have a new striker at the SV Werder Bremen. We are happy to introduce: This is our new green-white team member Piggy Bank. It is your new partner in the offense to your savings goal.

It proudly wears the large Werder diamond logos on its left and right sides. It immediately shows that its little heart beats with great joy only for one soccer club: the SV Werder Bremen.

Its particular strength is the throw-in, because this is how its team members always reach their financial target. This great feature is also worn by it confidently under both Werder diamonds.

It has also learned that weaknesses have to be transformed into motivating strengths. Such a weak point is the rubber closure under its belly. In this way its opponents, the expensive dreams, get to the most precious part of it. But Bank cannot be misled by this. Due to his compulsion to save he gets up again and by means of a targeted throw-in he starts the offense to the savings goal again. What a green and white fighter!

To be successful, every player needs good footwear. Piggy Bank swears by its anti-slip pads, which, as it says, always give it a secure stand.

Are you fascinated by so much enthusiasm? Then this piggybank is the ideal partner for you! Whether you're saving for your next holiday, your first own car, a trip to the amusement park or just tickets for your next home game. The little guy will support you as best as he can so that you can make your dream come true soon. Because we Werderian people are always there for each other. A great way to support your favorite club!

Custom Characteristics:

  • Green piggybank with Werder diamond logo on both sides
  • The "Einwurf" lettering as a teasing invitation to save money
  • Rubber closure for easy money withdrawal under the tummy
  • Secure stand thanks to anti-slip pads

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