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Gift card up to 250 €


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Give away what's really wanted! Whether for a jersey, a pullover, a scarf, or a mug with our Werder gift card green and white delight is guaranteed. You can choose between several different motifs and add a distinct amount of money to your card. The card can be redeemed for a one-time purchase or gradually at the Werder Fan-Welt at the Weser-Stadion or online at www.werder.de/shop only .The beautiful motifs will catch the presentee's eye already on presentation. So, you don't know what to give away? In that case our gift card is the ideal option, the presentee can choose what his green-white heart desires.

Please click here if you want to check your balance.

What's the difference between a gift card and a Print@Home gift card?


Gift cards to print out (Print@Home) will be sent within 5 minutes via e-mail to the stated e-mail address. The order confirmation mail will be sent separately. Gift cards will be sent to the stated delivery address per post.

Where can I redeem my gift card?


From now on we provide you with the opportunity to pay your purchase online on www.werder.de/shop/en or at the Werder Fan-Welt at the Weser-Stadion with a gift card and a gift card to print out.


A distinct amount of money (bet. 5 € and 250 €) can be added to the card.

Please note the special conditions concerning our gift card.

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