Greeting Card Congrats

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Size: approx. 14,7 x 10,5 cm (Landscape format)
Product Details

Time to celebrate! Gorgeous SV Werder Bremen greeting card in landscape format.

The front of the folded card is in Werder green and decorated with the dark green lettering "Congratulations". The word "Herzlichen" (meaning Congratulation) is written in capital letters to emphasize the cordiality and the friendly nature of the Werder family. The Werder diamond logo also sets other associated accents and makes the heart of every Werder birthday child beat faster. Or is there something else to celebrate? No problem! No matter whether for a successful graduation, a passed examination, a new job or just it's time to celebrate. This card is all-purposable and perfect for any kind of event.

The club claim "Lebenslang grün-weiß" (meaning "lifelong green-white") with Werder diamond on the inside of the card completes the strong football design and leaves room for a few personal words. The included adhesive envelope makes it a round thing. The Werder diamond logo with a gold-coloured championship star in the upper left corner of the envelope is the fan-strong detail. So every party becomes fan-tastic.

Custom Characteristics:

  • Folding card in Werder green
    • "Herzlichen Glückwunsch" (meaning "Congratulations") lettering in dark green
    • Werder diamond logo
    • Club claim "Lebenslang grün-weiß" (meaning "Lifelong green-white") and Werder diamond on the inside of the card
  • Including adhesive envelope
  • Werder diamond with championship star on cover