Who's on Twitter?

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  1. I'd like to add as many of you as I can. I enjoy having intelligent people on my TL, not to mention Werder fans. Mine's @gouldinho_j
  2. Hey pal - I just followed you on twitter :daumen:
  3. I saw. Followed you back! Anyone else?
  4. Nicole


    Block 50
    I'm in twitter
  5. I`m on twitter too - @naramulka :) Just followed you!
  6. followed both :)
  7. wbhayleybryn

    wbhayleybryn Guest

    I am! Hayey859.

    I'm new to it though./
  8. think I found you Hayley :tnx:
  9. wbhayleybryn

    wbhayleybryn Guest

    Awesome! I didn't realize that my twitter account was private, but I accepted all of the request. :)
  10. As far as I know, only two Werder players are on Twitter. Alex Ignovsjki and Elerio Elija?
  11. Sorry - also Theo Gebre Selassie...
  12. those 3 + I think Kevin DeBruyne also has one (don't know if its official though)
  13. They hardly ever tweet though. That's ok. I probably tweet too much.
  14. Masa


    on the way to wonderland!
    Hey Guys.

    Tomorrow there will be a twitter-battle between the German Newspapers "Weser-Kurier" from Bremen and "Der Westen" from Essen.
    Every newspaper will twitter several reasons why their favourite team will win the match.
    So if you want to support Werder, please, retweet all reasons of the@Weser_Kurier .
    The battle is from 2 to 4 pm. You will find it under the hashtag #BVBBRE
  15. Followed, I'm @JanJanko16, though I'm not that active on twitter :p