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  2. mola23


    Correct, here he is: Joseph Akpala :bier:

    And as Klaus Allofs said, he's with very high probability the last transfer in summer.
  3. Any opinions/sugestions for a new season?

    We know that We'll stay in Bundesliga :schal: , but something need change in the next season. The Performance of our Team is ... well We all know on what level, so I think that We need a new players, a specially in ATT, and MID, maybe one DEF as a strong back-up or in starting line-up, but We need someone.

    I'd like to know if You guys have any sugestions? I mean the real one :p not like an for example Messi or Ronaldo....

    I'd like to see in SVW players like:
    1. DEF - Stefan de Vrij - Feyenoord Rotterdam
    2. MID - Moreno Costanzo - Young Boys FC
    3. MID - Raphaël Nuzzolo - Young Boys FC
    4. ATT - te Vrede Mitchell - Feyenoord Rotterdam
    5. ATT - Platje Melvin - NEC Nijmegen

    That's just a few propositions, but I think real one, and these players have a gift.

    What do You think?
  4. killiefan


    Probably safe to say most of us 'foreigners' hadn't heard of Robin Dutt before now. Time will tell how successful he'll be but while he's here we need to give him our backing. It surely must play on his mind that he has a big pair of boots to fill .....same as David Moyes replacing SAF at Man Utd.