Werder fan from perth scotland

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  1. Hello i am a fan of st johnstone in scotland with a really, really soft spot for werder braman and i fink they are da best team in german (except munchen)

    thanks everyone love u all
  2. a fellow high land er.. hi there lets meet for a beer and a smoking hot session with some lamb. then we go to werder match together and have happy times with our werder friends yolo
  3. ???
    Is this a joke? :confused:
  4. killiefan


    Course it is mate.

    Mods - can you delete this thread please?
  5. CHeers Chris
    MODS - please delete this shit - thanks guys.... :daumen:
  6. WOMLSascha


    50km zum SVW
    I mad a notification to the mods about your request.