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  1. The defenders with which Werder will start this season are: Boenisch, Pasanen, Naldo, Frtiz, Tosic, Prodl, Andersen and Mertesacker.

    The big problem is now that the latter has just suffered a heavy knee injury which will keep him out for about a month. This means the injury curse is still present on Werder.
    The positive part of this is that Prodl will get(or at least that's what i think it will happen) some playing time and we'll have the chance to see how he's doing in Bundesliga.
  2. I think (and hope....) that Prodl will be fine.
    To be honest : Merte wasn't at his best over thast few months anyways , and perhaps this extended "holidays " will do good for him.

    What I am saying is : Always think positive :D
  3. holu


    why does everyone think, that proedl will play for mertesacker? pasanen played a very good season. i think pasanen will play next to naldo .
  4. Prodl i think can become the next tower in defence but to do so he needs playing time. Also Pasanen was injured and until now he didn't play in the friendly games.
  5. With the 2 goals scored today against Aris, Prodl got even bigger chances of securing a starting place in the first games of the season ... until Merte is back.
  6. I like Proedl and think he will do very well at Werder.
    He was certainly one of the better players in an otherwise
    disappointing Austrian National team.

    It would be good if Merte is going to get some competition
    because I didn't have the feeling that he played the 2nd half
    of last season at his very best.

    Let's get one more player for the offence and then we should
    be there. I wouldn't mind a big name like Pizzaro :D
  7. Andersen made a good match today. thomas schaaf said that andersen will get playing time
  8. Seems Pasanen played on the left during the 3 - 0 win against Netanya from Israel. Rosenberg (16), Almeida (25) and Jensen (35) the scorers.

    Naldo (46. Poedl) played alongside the other new signing Andersen. Schaaf seems to have been happy with him. Poedl scored twice with a header in the previous 4 - 3 test against Aris Saloniki. Some in the forum also commented that our corners may have been a bit better or other dead ball situations.

    I wish Mertesacker all the best for a quick recovery. But, maybe it is a blessing in disguise for him and the team as others can and must show what they have got.

    Werder played exceptionally well in the first half of last season with many injuries of first team players. The team rotated because it had and did well. I'm sure the the atmosphere in the team during the last eight games where we won seven and drew only one must have been great. We need exactly the same pressure, anticipation and concentration, combined with work ethic and lust for football. This 'bottleneck' is helpful, seems to be, at least, for us, see Werder's famous 3 - 2 win against Real Madrid in last season's Champion's League Campaign. Lust for winning.

    Merte might take some time to recover and rest his head after the long EUROs where he wasn't always convincing, but I think he may have been just a bit tired. It seems the opposing team on the attack always tried to isolate him. The BBC coverage was relatively critical of him. I think, however, that he can do better, he may have been just 'mentally' a bit tired. However, he will be a great cornerstone of the team when he is back and that competition can only be good for our back. I think Pasanen seems to play solid for quite sometime on the left.
  9. Are you sure it was on the left? I didn't saw the game but i see that the other defenders on the flanks where Boenisch in the first half and Tosic in the second, and i don't see Tosic playing on the right.

    Anyway, Pasanen is a very important defensive player for us because he can cover all positions in defense.

    I hope to see Merte coming back rested. At it's best it is a world class defender.
  10. @ waterboyro

    Maybe you are right, I didn't see the match, I just saw the line-up. I didn't see it either.;)
  11. Bad news: Boenisch was injured today in the game against Levski. I hope this will not be a serious injury. I he will be forced out of the game against Nordhorn then Pasanen will take his place on the left. This will be a good news for Pasanen who seems to have lost his central defensive place(while Mertesacker is injured) in favor of newcomer Prodl.
  12. lakitu


    Well, Pasanen has become more of an defensive allrounder in the past few years anyway. I remember only a handfull games in which he played in central defence since Merte & Naldo are playing together there.
    It's not too much of a surprise that Prödl is playing now in the center, since he can probably play nothing else, whereas Pasanen has always been comfortable at right back and also learned left back during the last season.
    However, I have to admit, I wonder why Boenisch seems to be first choice on the left back position now. For several month, Pasanen did it quite well...