Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. Hi welcome to the forum Colin,

    I hope you keep following Werder even if Oezil is leaving us. Not sure yet, who will be in the squad for the next season but it should be exciting.

    Can't wait until it starts. :svw_applaus:
  2. Don't worry, with or without Özil, Werder will still play fantastic football
    There are plenty of players who can fill his shoes(Marin, Hunt, Husejnovic etc)

    Cheers mate:beer:
  3. Welcome aboard, Colin. It sounds like we share a similar background. I live in Los Angeles and I can almost always watch the matches live. PM sent.
  4. Nicole


    Block 50
    My lovely Mr. Singingclub... :lol:

    I come from Emden... My english is bad.
  5. Hi all, my name is Chris. I support Brentford in England and have been supporting Werder since 2002. My first game was a 0-0 draw with Hansa Rostock. My father and I were traveling through Germany and were on our way back to Lubeck airport on the day of the game. We stopped off in Bremen for a few beers and noticed a game was on, anyway we ended up in the ground and the rest is history. I normally get to around six or seven games a season but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of tickets, but, as of yet i've never failed to get in. A list of some of the games i've attended.
    Valencia away, Champions league
    Barcelona away Champions League
    Real Madrid away Champions League
    Istanbul, UEFA final Shakter Donetsk
    Inter Milan away Champions League
    And of course loads at the Weser Stadion. I'll be at Fulham for the test spiel this Saturday. It's great to see so many people from all over with a love for the Grun Weiss.:svw_applaus::svw_schal::beer:
  6. welcome aboard, Chris!
  7. nudge from TFF? is it really you? :)

    and welcome to our board, chris!
  8. Do I know you? :eek: :)

    EDIT: Patrick? :D
  9. Yes :D

    Hope you're doing ok. :)
  10. I'm fine, thanks :) Have heard a lot about you, so it's nice to meet you here!
  11. I am 34 years old sports teacher and a sports journalist from Finland. I have visited once (2008) in Bremen and after seeing one match I have been a Werder fan :)

    Next time I'm coming to Bremen in April and I'll bring my family to see Weser-stadion..In Finland football season is ending soon but it doesnt matter. Werder plays soon..!
  12. Tasja

    Tasja Guest

    Cool, another from the Nordic Countries! Welcome! :beer:
  13. bend_it


    I'm Gerry from St. Louis, MO. I have become a fan of Bundesliga football over the years, and recently started a blog, Bundsliga Fanatic,
    http://bundesligafanatic.wordpress.com/ to help promote the Bundesliga to the English speaking public. Many of my fellow Americans follow the EPL, which is fine, but I think they are missing out because the Bundesliga is a more competitive, more fan friendly league with equal talent. (By the way I'm looking for writers for the blog, if anyone is interested please contact me -- my email address is under the 'About' tab on the blog.

    I quite enjoyed Werder's match with Borussia Monchengladbach Saturday. Very exciting match, and I thought Sebastian Mielitz' performance was outstanding. Also I enjoyed seeing a piece of history with Pizarro's goal. Aaron Hunt works his socks off everytime I see him play.

    Good luck to Werder Bremen and its fans !!!
  14. Dear Team! / Lieber Mannschaft!
    Ich kann nicht auf Deutsch :(
    Dzsudzsák Balázs (PSV Eindhoven): Er ist Lösung für mannschaft.
    Kein deshalb, weil ich bin ungarische, aber Dzsudzsák ist am besten Linkes Mittelfeld-spieler in Holland Eredivise. wäre ein großer Gewinn sein . es würde sich lohnen.
    Forever Bremen.
  15. UKWerder


    Are you the guy who is a musician Gerry?
  16. djswim


    I used to live in St. Louis! I love it! Go to the Broadway Oyster Bar for me!

    Seriously though, where do you see games there (channel)? I can't find a station (paid or otherwise) to watch the games, so when I can I just try to watch them online.
  17. Hello,my name is Bonita Zhang. I am from China. I have been watched Werder Bremen games for several years, though I have to watch them at midnight. Recently Werder has been encountered with some trouble on its way to championship, but I will continue to stand by its side. I still remember its brilliant performance, and I like its vigor, bravery and passion shown in the court. Wish all werder players can shake up their careers! Victory will never be enough for players and our fans. Happy to join this forum::beer:
  18. elabuelo04

    elabuelo04 Guest

    Hi Im from Argentina!
    I have a friend who was played in WB, his name is ARIEL ULLOA and plays at 1988 and 1989 and i need, really need a picture from him with the team, somebody have any picture?????

    Thanks a lot

    Ps: i try to open a new topic but i cant and i dont know why
  19. GLT


    Hi!I'm from China.My name is Gu Lantian(GLT).My favourite player WAS Mesut Ozil.(I stopped supporting him after he went to Madrid)It was because of him I started supporting Werder.It's cool to find that there are so many Werder fans around the world,I really enjoy chatting in this forum.The local team in Beijing is also in green and white.Good luck to both the green-whites!:svw_schal:
  20. MarcoBode1969


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    my name is Cord and I happen to speak some English. Moreover, I live quite near OUR STADIUM. I attend at least some of our away-games and of course I have been a Werder-fan all my live. So, now and then, I might post some comments about our games from a live-perspective.
    For ever Werder Bremen
    or lebenslang grün-weiß:svw_applaus: