Welcome to the English speaking part of the new Werder forum. Where are you from?

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  1. Yes, I follow the Philadelphia Union in MLS and though I agree the league is getter better every year, it still has a way to go to be as exciting as the European leagues. MLS does fill in the Summer months when most international leagues are off!
  2. Yes, that scheduling is indeed quite fortunate! :D I'm headed to the US in a few weeks' time and don't know my exact schedule yet but I'm hoping to catch a game either in Seattle or Texas this time round. Last time I visited the MLS was off for international fixtures but I got to watch a friendly between Dallas and Mexican team (needless to see "we" were outnumbered by the Mexican fans ;)).
  3. A bit off topic for our english werder friends: Werder was playing in the audi quattro cup yesterday. It was a small cup with four teams
    Werder Bremen, Red Bull Salzburg, FC Valencia and Southampton.

    You can watch the stream in english if you missed it on

  4. Jorge


    Hey guys how is it going? My name is Jorge from the USA (specifically Boston, MA area). Started to follow Bundesliga here and got drawn into the love of what Werder Bremen is about. Did my research and feel at home as to the kind of supporters they are. Excited for the new season with them and cheering them on here in the USA. A few ?s first is what should I expect, second is what should I know right away from the fans regarding the team and the league, and third are there other USA fans on here and if so wheere they from. Thanks again guys! =)=)=)=)=)
  5. Welcome, Jorge! Glad you found us. I'm a fan from Denver, CO. I think you can expect a bit of a roller coaster ride, but the team should end up in the top half of the table. Great fan support at matches, too. The league will be dominated by Bayern, but I think Leverkusen and BVB should be able to keep them on their toes. Wolfsburg seems a bit lost, given that De Bruyne just left, but who knows, maybe they can challenge Bayern a bit as well.

    This page is very quiet, but if you are on Facebook, you should like or join the SV Werder page, the Werder Bremen KC page, and the Bundesliga Fan Coalition to get started. There's a decent dialogue going on in the last two sites. If you have Fox Soccer2Go, you can watch all the games live and on delay; it's $99 a year or $10 a month (I think).
  6. You pay less than half what I´m paying to watch the games live in TV :unfassbar:
  7. Hi Jorge

    Hayley is from Kentucky (I think) & Bill (vonlages) is from NJ. If you're on fb send a PM to Jermaine Greene & you'll get involved in all the International Werder Fan chat
  8. Welcome Jorge. Very happy to see the US fan base is (very) slowly growing, hopefully more people will start following the Bundesliga with the new TV deal on FOX this season but people seem to pick other teams rather than us to support. ;) Can't really blame them, we seem to be a bit past our prime these days but hey, at least we have an American player now. :) In terms of the Bundesliga I'm afraid that regarding who comes first it tends to be a bit of the more boring leagues. It tends to be Bayern and then perhaps one other team that is able to keep up - used to be us, Dortmund for a while and perhaps for the time being Wolfsburg. Like Werder Denver said, they've lost their key player but now seem to be going after Julian Draxler as replacement but we'll see what happens until tomorrow evening when the transfer window closes.

    Regarding Bremen, I'm assuming it will be another mid-table finish, just off the international spots but hopefully also comfortably above relegation zone. At least we've been able to offload some players on hefty wages this summer which has probably been the priority for a club struggling fincancially.

    This forum is indeed a bit dead unfortunately but killiefan is right, if you get involved in the international group on Facebook it tends to be a little livelier.
  9. Hayley, what part of KY are you from? I grew up in Bowling Green.
  10. Hey! (Sorry it took so long to respond. I haven't been on the forums in awhile and I had to create a new user account just to log back on...)

    I'm from Lexington! Such a small world that you're from Bowling Green. Are you going to try to join us next year for the International Fan Weekend??
  11. Jorge


    Thanks i did PM him on getting involved in international werder fan chat and hopefully would respond soon! I am glad you gave me that info cause that can definately help me know more about werder bremen thru international fans but also be acclimated to the club and learn the history of it.

    My ? is to everybody do they have international membership cards for us to purchase at all? Also if there is one is it in german only or do they have the option to have it in english as well? I was interested in buying a membership with werder bremen and thinking I would ask here before sending them an email asking this information. Thanks again guys!
  12. I don't think I will make it this time, but I am hoping to do so at some point.
  13. Hello all! My name is George and I come from the UK, England. I'm here to support and get involved with all things Werder, and hopefully next season I'll travel to my first game. A little about me - I'm an Aston Villa fan (I've had a very painful season) and hope Werder can push up the league. I come from the city of Birmingham and can speak a little German, even though I'm not the best.

    Hope you all have a great day and hope for three points in todays game!
  14. Welcome!

    You might wish to join the International Werder Fan Weekend 2017.... ;-)

    The 2016 fan weekend was on Saturday, and we had a great time, especially with Werder's victory :) The date for the 2017 fan weekend will be shared here once it has been fixed, I'd say around November / December.
  15. Send Vino (member on here) a private message. They've recently set up a fb page for English Werder Bremen fans. Alternatively do a friends request thingy for Schottisches Werder.
  16. Welcome to the forums! :wdance:
    I've been to Birmingham around the date you posted this. Since I'm with the Villans too when it comes to PL we should have met... :)
  17. dk13


    Hi everyone of Werder SV family!My name is Dimi.31 from Ukraine.I've been living for 2years in Poland.I am
    a fan of SV Werder!I My dream to visit Bremen and to feel the atmosphere of this culture!
    Is somebody here who can help me to German language?