Genkies @ Bremen?

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  1. Beunhaas



    I'm a fan of KRC Genk, Kevin de Bruyne's former club.
    Since Ivan Klasnic played in Bremen, I also follow your club.
    A few years ago we came up to an idea to visit players (specially those who have good band with the fans) after they transfered to foreign club.
    We did one trip in very small group to Zagreb, but the biggest trip so far was with 150 Genkies to Mönchengladbach when Logan Bailly moved there.
    On youtube you can find some videos.
    It was a true Genk invasion. ;)

    Now Kevin is playing in Bremen we are trying to organise kind of the same trip to your town. It probably will be in less numbers because of distance and price, but we'll try to prepare it and see how it goes.
    We're also not sure if we eventually will come, but we will try to fix it.

    Nice thing in Mönchengladbach was the good collaboration between their fans and ours.
    I was the one planning it all and they helped a lot with tickets, welcome, etc etc.

    Do you think the same thing is possible in your club?
  2. killiefan


    I'm sure it will be. You just need to know who to approach :)

    I'd suggest contacting He is part of the fan project who will be able to advise on tickets for your group etc. The oppostion would need to be correct, though I think most teams would be ok to share a :beer:
  3. Beunhaas


    Thanks for the advice. I will mail him shortly.
  4. opalo

    opalo Moderator

    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    Hi & welcome! Perhaps you might wish to come over for the international fan weekend in 2013 - there's no date yet, but if you have a look in here regularly, you can't miss the preparations... ;)