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  1. good to hear that your trip was fantastic :)

    you can have beer in all areas except the away terrace. It's to avoid conflicts caused by alcoholised supporters I think. I did not expect this to be valid against Everton in a friendly. Quite exaggerated.

    I saw some Hertha BSC Berlin banners, you have some connections to their supporters?

    All the best for your season, I hope we meet again next year in the european cup :thumb:
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    The reason for not being allowed to take drinks on the away terraces is that in the beginning of last season the supporters up there started throwing their drinks from up there. And because in the seats underneath them are Bremen fans the club banned the drinks on the places for away supporters.
  3. Ahh fair enough, all been explained! Thought it would have been relaxed for a friendly, we all just wanted a good time, which we got. Weather was superb too!

    Something which you all may enjoy..many Everton fans stayed in Hamburg on monday evening, and all said it was the biggest s**t hole they've every been too, and not a very nice place :lol:

    We got the train up with two dutch Werder fans from near Enchede, who were a massive help to us, so thanks to you two if your reading!

    Also got a Werder scarf, but have no idea what it says - Wir Sind Anders? Wir Sind Bremen?

    As for the Hertha Berlin banner, it is possible, they may well have just been friends with the some of our fans, we have never played against them. There were maybe 15 Nurnberg fans however, which was great to see :thumb:
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    I do not know whether the rumour is true but I have heard that they not only threw drinks at the Bremen supporters on "Westtribüne" but also - after they had emptied their cups - cups they had urinated into.:stirn: If this is true, it will make the strict measures taken by Werder even more understandable.
    Even though the basic reason is the one mentioned by el_ben...
  6. danixx13


    We are different - We are Bremen :beer:
  7. Fantastic quote that, I like it! I'll definitely be back next season to catch a game, so i'll post on here for help with tickets etc..
  8. opalo

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    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    Sure, no problem.... :beer:

    @Hamburg. I have to admit that I really like the city a lot - the people just need to reconsider their preferences in terms of football...
  9. dc80


    hello, im new on here, just wondering if anyone can help me, was a programme issued for the Bremen v Aston Villa (11-8-2012) friendly?

    Also im looking to buy any memorabillia from the game, used tickets, teamsheets, magazines etc..

    Can anyone help me

    Thanks for all help anyone can give me, appreciate it all :daumen:
  10. Tobbi


    Here is a little overview with some pics and so on:
    Unfortunately I couldn't find anything in English... :(