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  1. Ok, until now we had 3 friendly games:
    11.07.2008 TSV Ottersberg - Werder 1:5
    12.07.2008 VfL Oldenburg - Werder 0:5
    17.07.2008 SC Fortuna Köln - Werder 1:3

    Today, in 2 and a half hours, it's the last test from Norderney against Kickers Emden. Until now the stars for the EC (Frings, Mertesacker, Frings) didn't take part but we had the chance to see some young lads making good games for the first team. Fro today's game i don't expect much because the players are tired after the intense training but it's another good time to see how the future stars of Werder are playing. I'm also very interested to see how will Diego play, considering he didn't do a great game against Fortuna Koln.
  2. One could say : So far so good :)

    But I am concerned about Diego and the circumstances around his nomination for the Olympic team. I have the sneaky feeling that this is a loose-loose situation and it definately won't help us to achieve our goals.
    If only the FIFA wouldn't have been so stupid and made the rules more clear for all parties involved....:(
  3. Yeap, another win for Werder(but the margin is getting smaller :D): 2-1.

    Werder Bremen: Vander (46. Wiese) - Boenisch, Naldo, Prödl, Tosic (46. Kruse) - Baumann (46. Niemeyer), Diego (46. Vranjes), Özil (68. Erdem), Jensen (46. Heider) - Hunt (68. Bargfrede), Harnik

    Kickers Emden: Masuch - Nägelein (62. Sievers), Rauw, Spahic, El-Hammouchi (74. Cannata) - Zedi (46. Klasen), Nehrbauer - Unger, Pfingsten (86. Menzel), Moosmayer (84. Nennhuber) - Neitzel (77. Burmester)

    Goals: 0:1 Neitzel (07.), 1:1 Harnik (51.), 2:1 Harnik (61.)

    Spectators: 9307

    Referee: Kuno Fischer (Leer)

    So this was Harnik's game. I sure hope to see him play more in this season because i really think he can became a first team player for Werder. He has a good pace and he showed that in European Championship also.

    Regarding Diego things are very complicated. Tomorrow it will be the final discussion and i hope all the parties will find a solution that will harm Werder as little as possible.
  4. The team will now travel to Austria for a second training camp. In this one Mertesacker, Frings and Fritz will also take part so the team will start to resemble more with the team that will start the championship.

    No news yet regarding Diego, even if it was knew that today will be the final discussion. Hope to see a happy club and a player which will understand the importance of team training ahead of the championship. Let's not forget the bad form in which he was last season after he missed all the winter preparations.
  5. Werder - Aris Salonic 4-3

    Werder Bremen:
    Sebastian Mielitz - Sebastian Boenisch, Naldo, Sebastian Prödl, Dusko Tosic (60. Max Kruse) - Frank Baumann (46. Peter Niemeyer), Aaron Hunt, Daniel Jensen, Mesut Özil (60. Philipp Bargfrede) - Martin Harnik, Marc Heider (46. Markus Rosenberg)

    Goals: 1:0 Prödl (12.), 2:0 Hunt (15.), 2:1 Koke (34.), 2:2 Koke (45.), 3:2 Rosenberg (46.), 4:2 Prödl (79.), 4:3 Papazoglou (86.)

    And we remain with only win in this preparation period. The bad news is that our defence is still shaky and has conceded a lot of goals in these games. Still Fritz, Mertesacker and Pasanen didn't play a single minute.
    We also must cheer for Rosenberg's first goal.
  6. To have here the result:

    Maccabi Netanya - Werder 0-3

    Werder Bremen:
    Vander - Boenisch (46‘ Tosic), Naldo (46‘ Prödl), Andersen, Pasanen - Vranjes, Niemeyer (46‘ Baumann), Jensen (46‘ Özil), Hunt (46‘ Harnik) - Rosenberg, Almeida (46‘ Sanogo)

    Maccabi Netanya:
    Strauber - Saban, Marin, Samia (65’ Hajimovic), Ben Dayan - Bevin (85’ Hermon), Cohen (65’ Gazal), Yampulski (83’ Tazemeta), Masudi, Menashe (65’ Okocha) - Kioyo

    Goals: 0:1 Rosenberg (16’), 0:2 Almeida (25’), 0:3 Jensen (35’)

    Yellow cards: Cohen, Saban

    Referee: Mario Strudl (Austria)

    Attendance: ‘Sportanlage Wagenweg’: 1,500
  7. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Nice results, hope to read about such results in the bundesliga- and CL-thread as often as possible:)
  8. And today it was the 7th win in a row:

    St. Gallen - Werder 0-4

    Werder Bremen: Wiese - Fritz (46. Boenisch), Prödl (46. Andersen), Naldo (46. Tosic), Pasanen (61. Bargfrede) - Frings (46. Baumann), Hunt (46. Niemeyer), Jensen (46. Vranjes), Özil (46. Husejinovic)- Sanogo (46. Harnik), Almeida (46. Rosenberg)

    Starting eleven FC St. Gallen: 18 Bolli - 2 Maier, 6 Garat, 7 Weller, 14 Kollar, 21 Ciccone, 24 Hämmerli, 26 Cazeres, 27 Mustapha Dabo, 28 Hadj Ben, 35 Frrokay

    Goals: 0:1 Frings (15.), 0:2 Sanogo (25.), 0:3 Baumann (60.), 0:4 Tosic (80.)

    Attendance: 5560

    It's the first game for Frings and Fritz and Torsten even celebrated this with a goal. Also Tosic scored his first goal for Werder after a combination with Rosenberg.
  9. I'm starting to get concerned ... we're playing to good in friendly games and i'm a bit superstitious. Let's hope this form will continue also in the official games. Today it was 5-1 against Hansa Rostock, with a brace from Almeida and further goals by Rosenberg, Vranjes and Ozil:

    FC Hansa Rostock: Kronholm – Lense, Orestes, Gledson, Pearce – Retov (64. Bülow), Lechleiter (64. Cetkovic), Rathgeb, Bartels – Dorn, Schindler.

    Werder Bremen: Pellatz (46. Mielitz) – Fritz (46. Boenisch), Andersen, Naldo, Pasanen (46. Prödl) – Baumann, Vranjes (46. Bargfrede), Frings (46.Kruse), Hunt (46. Özil) – Rosenberg (46. Almeida), Sanogo (62. Husejinovic).

    Goals: 0:1 Vranjes (2.), 0:2 Rosenberg (36.), 0:3 Almeida (48.), 1:3 Dorn (65.), 1:4 Almeida (78.), 1:5 Özil (84.).

    Referee: Christian Schössling (Leipzig)

    Attendance: 8000 in DKB-Stadium
  10. And the run is over: Werder lost yesterday to Trabzonspor with 3-1 and i honestly think is better. Going into the official games with only wins in friendly may be dangerous from my point of view. The statistics from yesterdays game:

    Werder Bremen:
    Wiese (46‘ Vander) - Fritz (46‘ Pasanen), Naldo, Prödl, Boenisch - Baumann (46‘ Özil), Frings (64‘ Vranjes), Jensen (64‘ Niemeyer), Hunt - Rosenberg (85‘ Husejinovic), Almeida (46‘ Sanogo)

    Onur Kivrak (46’ Tolga Zengin)- Hrovoje Cale (84‘ Giray Kacar), Rigobert Song, Egemen Korkmaz, Tayfun Cora (70’ ferhat Cökmüs) - Ceyhun Gülselam, Selcuk Inan (86’ Solmaz), Ibrahima Yattara (77’ Baris Memis), Serkan Balci - Gökhan Ünal (86’ Adnan Güngör), Umut Bulut

    Goals: 0:1 Bulut (34’), 0:2 Gökhan (56’), 1:2 Boenisch (65’), 1:3 Gökhan (84’)

    Attendance: 8.000 at the Nordseestadion in Bremerhaven

    In 2 days time we'll play the last friendly, before the first official game, against Levski Sofia.
  11. @ Waterboyro,

    Are you going to see the Sofia match live ?
    If above is the case, then we expect a full style report from you upon your return !! :D
  12. Unfortunately this time i won't go to Sofia. I didn't find someone willing to go with me and drive to Sofia and my car is not in a really good state right now. The other option was the train but: 3 hours to Bucharest + 10-12 hours to Sofia and a bad train schedule(which would have made me stay 2 full days all alone in Sofia - a city which i already saw and in which i don't have many things to do), made me renounce at the trip.

    I would have traveled in these conditions only for an official game, not for a friendly.

    I'm waiting now for the CL draw at the end of august to see if i can get to see Werder somewhere in Europe.

  13. @ Waterboyro

    You are certainly right and I also can't await the CL draw.
    Hopefully it's going to be Liverpool ( "Anfield Road" ). However if
    we have to play Bukarest , you better make sure that there will
    enough cold Beer in Town...:D :beer:
  14. I Bucharest no problem ... it will be a little bit harder to find lots of cold beer in Cluj if Werder will play against CFR Cluj. I'm not so sure Steaua Bucharest will qualify for the group phase: they play Galatasaray in the last preliminary round and i think the turks have better chances.
    So if there is not enough cold beer in Cluj you must drink "pălincă" and "ţuică" two traditional alcoholic drinks: just a little more strong than vodka :lol:

    P.S. I'm getting ready for the Levski game, which will be broadcast live in Romania :applaus:
  15. cz_werder


    The capital of beer

    Well I remember, when I went to Romania 2 years ago,I think I drank "palinca" quite often. I can say that in each village,where we have tasted it, it had slightly different taste. It is true that by drinking it with local people, you can get lot of new friends,but this could be also quite dangerous, if you drink couple of them:p I maybe would still prefere beer in Bucharest, you cam drink it all the night but in the morning you can be still quite ok:beer:
  16. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Btw. this game ended 0:0. How did the game of Werder look like,do you think we are ready for Nordhorn and Bielefeld?
  17. Werder's game, as well as Levski's game, was awful today. The game was anything else but a friendly. Lots of brutal tackling, after one of them we lost Boenisch, and lots of interruptions. Werder had the better chances, if we forget about the penalty Levski had - a penalty to easy awarded, but still we need to improve. For the Nordhorn game i think we can do it, but for Bundesliga we need to improve ourself.

    The statistics:
    Levski Sofia
    Petkov - Milanov (90. Yashar) , Rabeh, Dimov (13. Gadzhev) (73. M. Ivanov), Lucio Wagner (63. Minev) – Tiberkanine (46. Baltarov) (79. Joaozinho), Iliev (32. Genev), Dimitrov (57. Ze Soares) , Ivanov – Hristov (46. Tasevski), Enyo (76. Jean Carlos)

    Werder Bremen
    Wiese – Fritz, Naldo, Proedl, Boenisch (23. Pasanen) – Baumann (66. Niemeyer), Frings (66. Özil), Jensen, Hunt (72. Vranjes) – Rosenberg (46. Sanogo), Almeida (76. Husejinovic)

    Attendance: 15.000 in Georgi-Asparuchow-Stadion

    Referee: Todorov (Bulgarian)

    Yellow cards: G. Ivanov, Genev, Jean Carlos, Joaozinho - Jensen, Fritz, Naldo, Pasanen

    Red card: G. Ivanov (54.)
  18. And a good rehearsal for the Bundesliga: 3-0 against Esbjerg fB trough goals by Sanogo(2 times) and Harnik. So once again our forwards did their job, even if Harnik played today a more to the winger than to a real striker position. But i think he really is better on the right where he can put his speed at work.
  19. It appears that the winter blues have slowed down the postings. Myself, the computer I used crashed and it took me some months to afford a new one. I see they played some friendlies in January 09, any comments?
  20. Well 2 games 2 defeats. That speaks for itself for the moment. I only saw the first game against Bursasport on and i didn't liked it. It was full of mistakes from our players. Still it was the first game after a long pause and in the middle of hard training. The second one, seeing the result, made me think we didn't improve.