First german match experience

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  1. vino

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    I have had one of the most enjoyable football experiences ever. I am fairly old(50ish)and have played non league football and also been involved in F A cup matches playing and as a Manager against pro clubs . I have also
    been to watch many games at many grounds , but never had an experience like I did at the Werder v Hertha game.

    The fans were great in the pubs in town, on the tram on the way to the ground ,in the ground, in the bar after the game .The food was great wherever you decided to get it from. The fans drank and mixed together hours before the game and never did I see any hassle. One thing I did find out while there was, they come to enjoy their football and really support their team. The non stop singing and chanting was great . I enjoyed it so much ,I intend on coming back as often has possible . So anyone who is thinking of going , go for it. As a football fan you couldn't wish for a better day out.
  2. :tnx:
    You will always be welcome in our beautiful City.
    The next time you come to Bremen, post date and time here in order to make an appointment for a beer or two.:beer:
  3. vino

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    Hope to be back for the Stuttgart game