Bye bye Thomas Schaaf

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  1. I found a video from CNN, on youtube, where Thomas Schaaf and Claudia Pizarro talking about the new Season, in english.
    It´s a video about Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen. Thomas Schaaf starts after 6 min 40 sek.
  2. opalo


    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht...
    :applaus: But I have to admit that English does not seem to be one of Thomas' greatest strengths ;) And I don't understand why they spent that much more time on Schalke than on Werder... :confused:
  3. maybe it's because of Raul ?:rolleyes:
  4. djswim


    Sympathy time before Shalke are relegated :)
  5. Hi all. I heard that Herr Aloffs might be leaving Werder for Wolfsburg. The report says that he is Werder's team 'General Manager'. But from what I have seen it is Herr Schaaf who runs the team from the dugout.

    Does Herr Aloffs decide who plays and which strategy? or is it Herr Schaaf?

    With English teams one person does both (Like Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger) so I wonder if it is different.

  6. "Manager" in Germany means the person who signs or sells players, negotiates with the players, offers extensions and so on, while the "Coach" is the person who works with the team on the pitch, calls up players to the squad and coaches the team in ingame situations (tactics and stuff).

    Thomas Schaaf is the coach, Klaus Allofs is the manager, while Ferguson or Wenger are both coaches and managers. There is no such model in the Bundesliga except Felix Magath who was the only person to manage and coach a team at the same time before he was sacked at Wolfsburg.
  7. Goodbye Klaus Allofs.
    Thanks for what you did for Werder in your time as a player and as manager :tnx::schal:
  8. Thanks for the explanation Norden. :cool:
  9. Now it's time to find a new coach with new ideas and tactics cus now we going down and down every next season.:unfassbar:
  10. Tobbi


  11. I blame the 2010/2011 season. It would have been better if we got relegated that season(like Sampdoria, whom we played in that same season in the CL playoff), because we've only been getting worse and worse each passing season. Relegation would have given us the chance to completely rebuild the team and the management from the botton upwards.

    It's a shame too, because most of my friends who remember Werder only in the Champions/Europa League, giving a game to any opponent including Real Madrid, Juventus, Valencia, Milan, Inter and the like, are disappointed with regards to how we've ended up nowadays:(
  12. Totally agree with You mate, plus every last transfer to Werder was ... well everyone knows... We need fresh ideas and tactics, otherwise We should look up on 2.Bundesliga in the end of next season, and check who We gonna face there.
  13. Now the nightmare is true...

    Thomas Schaa is no longer trainer of werder bremen...

    i´m really sad and from now on i´m afraid of the future...

    TS for lifetime

    maybe he come back in a few years
  14. I'm happy! Finally!
    Can't wait for a new coach, new ideas, new tactics, new transfers :applaus:

    Schaaf did a good job here, but finally it's over, cus We need trophy's, We need to be in top bundesliga not in somewhere in behind.

    100% WERDER:schal:
  15. killiefan


    Mancini needs a job..........:D
  16. Yeah but I don't think SVW have enough money to afford Mancini
  17. Despite the disappointing season, I hope that Mr Schaaf will return to management soon. Still, onward and upward, who are the likely candidates to be the new coach?
  18. I don't think he'll return as long as Eichin is there.
    Who'll replace Schaaf hmmm We'll see. I hope that that joke from killiefan it's goona came true and We gonna have Mancini as FCB gonna have Guardiola :zweifeln:
  19. Nilo76


    Jose hasn't signed with Chelsea yet, no? ;)
  20. killiefan


    Maybe this was the real reason Sir Alex left the Manchester United job...:lol: