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  1. gelöscht

    gelöscht Guest

    Of course we can beat Bayer today. Some day Bayer MUST lose a game... I can´t imagine they finish the season without losing any games. Why not today?
    I´m optimistic!
  2. Well, First Halftime with no dominating team...

    From 0' to 30', Leverkusen held the ball better than us, infact They Scored (29' Derdiyok :wild:), but we had more grit, and we immediatly bring back result on equal with a great Naldo freekick and Pizarro is ready to put it in Goal :D:D:D:D:D

    So, First of all, Bayer's player were bad with marin, who was every in ground. Despite of that, Marko did a great first Half :grinsen:

    In the second Half i Expect two great teams with big desire to win, but remember, We're at Home, with the great Ostkurve, this will be enough to win!!!! :svw_applaus::svw_applaus::svw_applaus:
  3. (Excuse me for double post)

    Great second halftime!!!

    Leverkusen shoot very few, but scored one F*°§^"g Goal with Kroos. Unfortunatly, i must went to eat when was the 70', and i couldn't see the Per goal, but i know that Werder was able to score for equalize :svw_schal:

    So, like vs. Wolfsburg, decisive goal comes at 90' from Mertesacker. From that match, Werder crisis has begun :(:(. But This time, and with this great way of playing, Werder can beat anyone.

    Matteo :tnx:
  4. J10


    First half: poor stream.

    Second half: totally dominated possession but lacked creativity and penetration in the final third. Leverkusen held their line really low and only made counter attacks. Sloppy play in the second goal. Never should have allowed Kroos that much time to shoot. Lucky to get a point in the end.

    Maybe the build-up game needs to be a little quicker. But in all fairness speed of the game was really slow from both teams yesterday.
  5. Next match will be versus a good competitor. But our great run of form make us the real favorites for the next match.

    Comment here the next match :svw_applaus:
  6. Defending is key tomorrow. We need to push the game forward through a dense midfield. Difficult tie. I feel we are better in the league than last year but I hope this will manifest itself in a ranking among the Top 5 of the Bundesliga therefore a must win game in this sense.

    It would be good to round this week off with an important win in the bread-and-butter business of the Bundesliga.
  7. Victory!!!

    A Pretty decent match by our boys, that close between 31' (Boro) and 51' minute (Basti P.). In Between there was the 05ers gol by Bancè. Ball Possession wasn't exceptional, but We have materialized the chances (because in Soccer wins who score, not who held the ball better, doesn't it? :D)

    So, Even without Marko, Tim, Clemens and Torsten, Werder won and convinced. The BVB is advised!! -1 point, overtaking is near!!
  8. Yeah, weekend sorted!
  9. (Sorry about be late ;), I just arrived from a bike ride)

    Stuttgart Versus Werder will be a awesome match. Can our boys win?

    Half-Time: Due to a bike ride, i couldn't see it, but 0:2 result talks by itself :wall: Go Werder, At least 2:2!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!

    I've told that!!!! 2:2 is the final!!! A HUGE Werder in the 2nd Half! First, The gol from Hugo AKA the Fastest left Foot of the World. Next, Penalty scored by Torsten!!!

    So, no comment to match this time. I haven't seen the whole match so I can't say nothing.

    Moreover, Werder demonstrate which in Soccer heart matters most!! :applaus:
  11. opalo

    opalo Moderator

    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    They might have won though if you hadn't been on a bike ride, given that they obviously played far better after you returned home to watch the rest of the game... ;)
  12. Next match will be versus the 2009 best outsider. Moreover, This year the Dietmar Hopp squad may be happy of actual run of form, a 11nd place which permit to Hoffenheim to be prevented by Relegation, but not so near from the places for the European cups.

    Instead, We, after a pretty decent match against Valencia, Want to confirm our good run of form in Bundesliga, even with a little tired team. We mustn't forget that we are 6th, BVB is near, we can't loose :)

    So, who will win? All of Us have an idea yet... :svw_applaus::svw_applaus::svw_applaus:
  13. Like the game of Mainz, defense is the key, I am sure Hoffenheim will try to attack early on as they really want the 3 points. I am optimistic if we approach the game with the same defensive discipline as we did Valencia. I hope Hugo can get a run around on the pitch.

    Did you have a chance to see the Valencia game? Man, was I nervous...
  14. Nope, I haven't the "Mediaset Premium" plan for view EL Match (Here Sky Calcio don't broadcast EL, Sky is the Italian Dish platform of Murdoch).

    Moreover, i saw that the penalty was wrong (There weren't any foul :lol:).
    In Bremen we must win, but Valencia, according to Mestalla Match, can win.

    I HOPE NOT :zweifeln:
  15. I live in the UK where nobody broadcasts Werder matches, still I manage to see them frequently as there are ways to see them. All roads are leading to Rome, if you know what I am saying...;)

    No matter how you follow Werder though, that you follow them is important.

    Forza Werder Brema!
  16. Yeah Yeah, I know :lol:
  17. First half:

    A quite plain first half: Nobody has dominated.

    Best SVW Action was at 37': Corner by Frings, Mertesacker tries to head it, he fails, but ball still here, Mertesacker retries but a HUGE Hildebrand deflects the ball in corner again :wall::wall:

    Second Half: If we Believe in victory, we certainly win!!



    What a Boring Match!! BTW We win with a great gol of Pizza. Werder Wins and convince.

    Nothing other to say.
  19. Yes, we won, all I wanted today.
  20. Hello everyone from Matteo AKA SWBItalia AKA the best Italian SVW supporter, who brings to you "Next Werder's Bundes Match" Topic every Friday :svw_applaus:

    After my worst werder moment of Werder last Thursday, we're here for the next :svw_applaus: match against Bochum.

    Werder have to win, maybe i could use must instead have to, because HshitV and BVB are very near and, since each other will be against respectively with Schalke and Bayer, this time we can't misunderstand the match: first of all, Bochum want make much point as possible, according to its precarious position (+4 over relegation). I predict a very offensive Bochum, with nothing to loose. Now, Werder have to take advantage to the situation, I hope Schaaf will use the 4-4-2, a solid and balanced tactic but witha focus on defence, using the usual BremerAmerikaLine :tnx: phrase "defense is the Key".

    Because, using my noble language "Ora bisogna mettercela tutta ragazzi!!"

    Now, It's your turn to make a comment about...