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  1. magicmaxi


    What a Fight yesterday! :applaus:
  2. Yeah, in the end it all worked out and all that thanks to our fighting spirit we saw from our players.

    Once again, just like in the Inter match, we saw that we need to play one touch football. This is why we had our period of success. I was satisfied with Husinovic game and i think in some years he can become a good player, but he needs playing time.

    One aspect that made me a little sad: Attendance: Weser-Stadium: 38,000.
    After this not so good period, did we lost the glory hunter fans and the real ones can't fill up the stadium?
  3. According to the stadium's display, there were 40,000 spectators. About 2,000 missing. After this half-season and against an opponent like Wolfsburg, this is no wonder I think. No need to worry. They will come back after the winter when going on playing like this week's games, especially that one against Inter.

    By the way: As you've written, you like the one-touch-football, so do I. But this it not possible with our small Brasilian. Just to think about.
  4. Well I'm thinking and I think this will be his last season for us. Of course he has lots of qualities but the team is starting to depend to much on his form. If he has a bad day than the chances of wining are very small. Maybe it will be the one moment when it will come to sacrificing the star player for the interest of the team. We'll have 3 BL games when the season restarts to see how we're doing without him.
  5. I hope that Diego will stay with us also for the next season.
    He has this very fine technic and on his day he can be magic -
    and make the difference between us and our opponent.

    Let's think about a midfield with Diego, Oezil, Jensen and Frings -
    I wouldn't know any better in the Bundesliga :svw_schal:

    Enjoy the Christmas festivties and looking forward welcoming
    the all of you back in this forum by end January,

    CHEERS :beer:
  6. Having seen the last two games against Inter and Wolfsburg, I think just the other way round. I've seen a very strong Özil, becomig better and better and getting more and more into the position of leading Werder Bremen's offense. So I think we're on the way to get independent of Diego's form. Which pleases me. Sooner or later we have to get it done without him. Better sooner.

    @London Joerni: With all due respect: Take a look at Munich.
  7. Anyhow, the Diego problem is to be decided very easily in the summer: if we fail to qualify for Champions League than he will leave for sure. If we manage to get a CL spot than maybe he'll have a chance of remaining here, even if it will be a little one. He did a lot of good for Werder but I'm sure he is now thinking very much of changing club in search of some silverware. Unfortunately we weren't capable of delivering that to him, or who knows maybe his farewell game will be a 3-0 win for Werder in the DFB Cup Final.
  8. opalo

    opalo Moderator

    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    I'm already curious to watch the next three Bundesliga games without Diego. If Werder plays similarly to the Milan and Wolfsburg games, I think there will be even more discussions about Diego and his future with Werder.

    To be honest, I don't think that Diego will stay for the next season irrespective of whether or not Werder will play Champions League because he'll be able to earn much more money when playing in Spain, Italy or the UK and he'll have the chance of winning a national title and/or the Champions League when going to a top club there. Accordingly, I very much hope that TS will only have him play if his performance is good and that he will start to prepare the team for the time after Diego.

    Not to get me wrong - Diego is a fantastic player, but I had the impression that the team depends too much on him and that they tend to do better when having to play without him...
  9. I know what you mean and to some extent I will even agree with you - but for me he is still a player that can make on his the difference between winning and lossing/drawing.

    Anyhow, this club has always been bigger than any inidividual player and therefore I am not too worried even if Diego will decide to leave us after this season :svw_schal:

    I am going to have on Saturday together with BremerAmerikaLinie our Green-White Christmas Party at the German Beerhouse at London :beer:

    Let me use the opportunity to wish all fans abroad a merry x-mas, a happy new year and loads of Werder goals in 2009 ! :beer::applaus::svw_applaus::svw_schal::grinsen::knutsch:

    C u in 2009 !
  10. I too will add my best wishes! This forum is an interesting place to be. I thank you all for the stimulating conversations and good humor. I no longer recieve sat broadcasts of Werder games on GOLTV (looking into that for the second half of the season but GTV is fair in thier broadcasts of all BuLi teams and I might see only 5-6 WB games all season); so having you all giving true heart-felt comments on the news of the day is appreciated. Keep it up and good wishes in the new year...and for God's sake be happy, there's a -40 C wind blowing outside my door here in the Canadian wasteland and football just doesn't work on skates. Did I mention 3 ft of hard-packed snow? Brrrrr! :cool:
  11. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Well, looking on the bundesliga table now, it's not a pleasant view :mad:

    Especially in he 2nd half against Schalke, nobody can say we didn't give everything. But this is not a game which Werder likes-playing against a team, which is just only defending this tiny leading.

    Already in the autumn, we had to forget thinking about the title. But now we are far away of getting a CL-spot as well. We just can hope for the same finish like last year, when Diego is back against Gladbach next round...We need some points as soon as possible! Otherwise we just will have to concantrate on DFB-cup and getting at least a UEFA-cup "ticket" as a very bad consolation after those fat CL-years:mad:
  12. Unfortunately we are in a big mess. As you already said, the CL spots are now far away and we need to get our game back on track to hope for at least a Uefa Cup spot. A season without Werder in the European Cups will be a real nightmare. It will be even worse considering we got lots of coefficient points and we where in the position of being in the second pot in Champions League draw.

    The problem is that something doesn't work how it should. I'm sick of seeing after the games the statistics with Werder dominating the game but coming in the end empty handed.
  13. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Hmm, this draw against Bayern won't bring us any further (of course, to play against Munich with 10 man was quite difficult task) But we could at least see, that we have a great no. 2 goalkeeper!

    Christian Vander:applaus:
  14. I think, the game did help the team to gain some confidence, and this is the most important thing. DFB-Cup and UEFA-Cup are now more important than the Bundesliga, in which Werder will hardly reach spot number 6. anymore.
  15. The result against Bayern is good considering we played 75 minutes with a man down. But the standing situation didn't improve and now we have another 2 big problems:
    - Cz_werder i sure hope we also have a no. 3 goalkeeper cause Vander is now also injured and won't be available for some time. So it's time for Pellatz to step in, at least in the Wolfsburg game in 2 days time.
    - The DFB just issued a stupid decision: 3 games ban for Naldo. They are just idiots. What the hell happened? It was a council based on Bayern, Hamburg and Schalke bosses or the DFB must be an independent team? It is not possible to be robbed this way.
  16. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Yeah thats is really a bad luck with Vander, I hope Pellatz will be an appropriate substitution...
  17. I have just watched the highlights. A great win for the boys. But what was happening with that crazy back pass? :stirn: Did he forget which direction he was attacking.

    It looked great fun though. I hope to see a game at Weser Stadion one day.

  18. Boenisch wanted to wake up Wiese, because Tim hadn´t been testet by Stuttgarts attack. :beer:
  19. Nice Explination xD