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  1. 5-1, another example of team dominance. That is a huge team win for our side. Was anyone at the game? Could you see they are starting to listen to my advice? :D
    Mr. Diego, you are sick sick footballer that scores sick sick goals. I want you to win the European Player of the Year award while you still wear the Green and White and you are welcome to marry my sister :knutsch:.
    Mr. Pizarro, stay in Bremen. Please please please please please never leave again! Pachayachachic told me so in a dream...really, don't mess with that.
  2. I like the wicked Sepultra avatar...have you Soulfly's World Cup CD? I haven't listened to it in a while so I'll play it in honor of you, Naldo, Diego and Pizarro :)!
  3. In honour of any player I'd like to listen to some kind of aggressive music in the moment...

    No, I don't have this CD, I even don't know it. Is it a special version only for any country? By the way, I also still don't have the "Conquer"-Album yet. I should go out and buy it soon. I've heard of it not to be as good as the older ones, but Soulfly's still Soulfly.
  4. Now we're really in a big mess. We just managed to lose another 2 points on Bochum's field and the table situation is starting to get worser and worser. The team wanted today to win but was just incapable of producing the chances needed to put pressure on the hosts. We were unlucky when Naldo's hammer from freekick hit the crossbar but we had lots of chance with Wiese's intervention in a one on one situation.

    The bad news: Ozil at least 2 games suspended after he was sent off. This sending off i consider it a joke and i think Ozil had to get at most a yellow card for that.
  5. And we got 3 very important points today after the 3-1 win against Koln. The match was pretty good, especially in the second half, but we still have some things to improve.
    The good news:
    - we scored again from a corner (we kind of miss it last season)
    - Hugo still has some power in his foot
    - Diego made a good game and his passes had lot of quality
    - Tosic is back. He did some mistakes but he showed once again he can cross the ball very good

    The bad news:
    - for us it's a miracle if we managed to keep a clean sheet
    - Mertesacker slept today ... it was a poor showing from him
    - Prodl and Hunt didn't wake up ... they sleep for some time now
  6. The album is titled "Umbabarauma" with 4 EP singles. If you search it is available on ebay or similar garage sale sites. Soulfly's homepage has a link to thier old website and you must navigate through the menu to thier singles. You will note it is N/A so you are buying it used.

    Umbabarauma - 1998
    1. Umbabarauma (LP Mix)
    2. Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix)
    3. Tribe (extended version)
    4. Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix - instrumental)
  7. The Ugly news:
    - Hunt is officially on my sh**list
    - The defensive half (including TW) completes the list.
    - Red card and a three game suspension!?! Ozil...(note to myself: start page two of the sh**list).

    Thanks for the updates Waterboyo, I'm so busy working extra hour for holiday money that I have not watched a game for three weeks now :).
  8. Stomper, don't get Hunt out of your sh**list. He deserves it ... another bad game from him. Unfortunately we don't have someone offensive to replace him while Ozil is suspended.

    This being said: we're in a big mess. With todays lost we're now: 11 points of the leaders, 8 points of CL place and 6 of Uefa place. It is really hard for a Werder fan to look at the Bundesliga table.

    I'm so sorry for Tosic, he plays good offensively but once again he showed one big problem of Werder this season: our WB can't defend. The second goal, even if it was a once in a season strike maybe, was his fault. He gave away to much space to Olic and he got his revenge on Wiese for last season foul.

    We must get now at least 7 points from the last 3 games or else this winter will be a really black one, but even if we get those points it will be a gray one.
  9. You're right. There were enough chances to hold something more in hands now. Nevertheless it's not the time to overreact and make bad decisions. This is something for other clubs like Stuttgart who don't know where they belong to. Now there's three games left for taking as much as possible and restarting from zero after the winter-break. Hopefully better than in former times.
  10. cz_werder


    The capital of beer
    Wow, it was so nice to watch the game against Frankfurt today!:applaus: (to my surprise, a local pay-TV broadcasting here every saturday one bundesliga game have choosen the game with Werder instead of Leverkusen vs Bayern:D ) After longer time, I have really enjoyed the match stressless and furthermore, it has remined me on Werde´s best times of the last years. It seems, when Diego makes a good game, everything is well. But of course, Frankfurt made the things easyier for us, no check of our perforated defense of last weeks.
    But I want to see this Werder for the remaining season!Even if this may be a bit late:confused:

    PS:And congratulation for the Pizza's hattrick:svw_applaus:
  11. This season i missed only 3 games:
    Bayern - Werder 2-5
    Werder - Hoffenheim 5-4
    Werder - Eintracht 5-0.

    I think i figured out who's to blame for Werder's poor season :)
    Watch out ... I'm home for the Karlsruher game and 99% I'll watch it :D

  12. :eek: You missed the most enjoyable matches this season?? What a horrible statistic...

    Don't say anything. The situation is clear, you're guilty :D

    Please... meet your friends at a restaurant for example, go to sleep or something else, but please keep your eyes off a tv during a werder game!!


    We'll see... :beer:
  13. Ok, the bad news ... I'll see the game :D

    I didn't found a good reason to skip it ... the first two i lost them because of my brother's weeding(one party here in our town, actually i was in the curch when Werder was demolishing Bayern, and the following Saturday a party in wife's town). And the game against Frankfurt i missed it because i was on the road to Hermannstadt(i had a laptop with me ready to get a wifi spot but unfortunately ... or not ... i only arrived at destination after the game ended).
  14. Is there anything else that can be told after today's game? We were in some part of the game outplayed by the last place team. Ok, we had some chances but where is the finishing? Ozil with the whole 7 m of the gate ahead instead of placing the ball in the corner goes for power and sends it to the spectators. Pizarro and Rosenberg are strikers ... they need to strike it. You can't win when you are 1 one 1 with the keeper and you miss, especially when you know the defence will screw it up sometime.

    We can say after todays game: bye bye BL crown. This year we still have a slim hope of getting the 3rd spot but if we play like that this slim chance will also vanish quick.

    Looking forward to see the punishment for Pizzaro(at least 3 games) and Diego who even if he didn't get the red card can be suspended for some games.
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    let me proudly present you, the "Problem, why we lost most of the games"

    Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisterrrrrrr WATERBOYRO :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  16. hope he is too busy again for the match tomorrow :D :lol:

    unfortunately we have to destroy his tv to be on the safe side :D
  17. Well some news about my chances of seeing the match(from that you can figure it out if we'll win or not :D):
    - i have some work at noon but i think I'll be back to see the game, maybe even sooner to see the womens pursuit in biathlon
    - you can kill my TV but that will be in vain ... I'll see the match on internet cause the local tv station is broadcasting Stuttgart against Bayern
    - a ray of hope: i saw the game against Inter this week and you all know the good result we got

    By the way: what will our attack do tomorrow? Rosenberg and Hunt? And if we need some fresh blood? This will be very difficult.
  18. i see, internet kills the video (tv) star :D

    we will wait for the match against wolfsburg to decide what to do with your computer. :lol:

    in my view rosenberg and hunt is the best alternative for tomorrow. if we need some fresh blood, we have a slight problem of course. lets see what the coach is going to arrange. however, we have to win.

    good night!
  19. I'm here :D

    So a starting line-up with Huseinovic up front, Hunt and Vranjes in the midfield and Prodl in the CD ... it's gonna be hard but this is the kind of games we like!
  20. Why the hell we don't learn from our mistakes. It's just stupid to concede a same goal like against Famagusta?!?