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  1. You were wright, they both play. We have the best team on the place and now we must get the 3 points.
  2. Finally a win :applaus::applaus::applaus:
    The score was 3-0 but we didn't have an easy time. We only managed to unleash the offensive power only after Diego showed once again he can decide a match by himself, in the 75th minute.

    The good news is that our defence did the job well and the clean sheet is well deserved. In ofence we also played good, created some chances before the goals but we lack accuracy in front of the goal.

    A good weekend but is important we continue well and playing away at Bayern next week isn't a easy job, but we must avoid defeat.
  3. :svw_applaus::svw_applaus::svw_applaus: 3 : 0 :svw_applaus::svw_applaus::svw_applaus:
    It was certainly a very well deserved win albeit I am not sure whether we'll be able to snatch a point at next weeks fixture at Munich.
    On a more positive note Merte did give the defence the stability it previously missed with Proedl and that shall also help when we play the team from Cyprus on Tuesday night.

    All in all it was a great Footie weekend :applaus::svw_schal::grinsen:
  4. ...it makes it all more lively then a ticker!
  5. WOW, DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? I'm sorry for yelling but I can't contain the excitement :applaus: Outstanding effort from Ozil, Merte, Proedl, Naldo, Vranjes, Pizzaman, Rosie...the whole team, everyone of you Badboys are GODS today! Even Timmy W. :knutsch: How many of you there must have been at the game and storming the beer tents afterwards! You sounded great from the beginning to the end on my TV :beer: Just a note to Bayern Munchen supporters: You suck, so get used to it! This white and green machine is going to roll your party over and over again all season long - HAH!
  6. opalo

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    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    I was amongst the lucky ones who were in Munich and it was just amazing... :svw_applaus: :beer::svw_schal:

    Having seen the rather disappointing game against Famagusta last Tuesday it took me some time to believe what happened down on the pitch... I very much hope that the guys have got enough self confidence for the next games - while Aue tomorrow should not be that much of the problem, Hoffenheim will be difficult to play...

    BTW: If you ever get to Munich (even if it's on a Bundesliga day where Werder does not play the FCB there) don't miss the game and/or the after game party in the Lloyds Bar (the 'famous' Werder bar in the centre of Munich :)) - I know now how many people can fit in a room of some 100 square meters - it's a lot... :beer:
  7. ...it would be a dream come true! Satellite TV and the internet have brought me this much closer. I know I'll get there some time or other. I have many relatives there who would put me up (if they can put up with me, hehe) so all I need is airfare, tix and madmoney to put Lloyd's kids through college. In fact I'm so skinny the bar wouldn't notice the .00001 sq/m I take up; just stand me up in the beer glass and I'm like the straw :D !
    Prosit Werder fans, you earned it!
  8. Wow, I almost had a heart attack there! What a classic...shame on the referee for giving the RED! I simply luv that Ozil :D:D:D, but please Mr. Schaaf get some help on the defence!
    Without Merte for 2 or however many games we are vulnerable. If it is not to soon we will be crushed it the CL. Otherwise, what a great offensive show. I am downloading a highlight package right now since I had to listen in on the internet live broadcast @bundesliga.de. Good luck with Milan killaz and way to hang in there for the win!:svw_schal:

  9. Better a nerve-racking 5:4 than a boring 1:0 :D
  10. Or 0-0 (see Anorthosis). I listened to the Hoffen game on bundesliga.de radio and watched a highlight package. The game Bayern I watched live earlier this year (v Dortmund?) where van Bommel was ejected had similarities and I like a team with heart to pocket 3 pts.It looked like the plan went well then they opted to take the foot off the gas a little blowing a 3 goal lead. Boenisch didn't play well again (a source that translates German and English better than I said so). I think Proedl was subbed out as well? Something else I didn't mention is the dismay at that poor penalty call on Hoffenheim's third goal...shame:mad: Anyway, back to the point...in CL a red card would leave a big hole in the back 4, I would like to see another experienced defender for depth in this attacking attractive machine.
  11. magicmaxi


    Wow! Very nice pictures! Great Work!
  12. It's just around game time. I can't watch just yet...there is a tape delay in Canada. Suspected line-up will be:


    Not much to say except hoping Fritz ties Dortmund in knots and for cripes sakes Sanogo, score some damn goals! Let's go boys :svw_applaus: here's lookin' at you!

    P.S.- @ waterboyo, I agree nice pic show...travelling between cities in Canada is mundane and also painful (gas prices, bumpy highways, etc.). I envy you live so near your passion. I have been to one profesional football match in my whole life - Mexico v Canada. While the Mexican fans were partying all crazy and yelling Spanish obsenities at us all the upper-middle class soccer Moms and Dads looked down thier noses at them and politely sat on thier hands :wall:. I live with couleros, I must be a couleros.
  13. Incredible ... to upset to write more for the moment :wall:
  14. i watched highlights on you tube.
    what a match!!
    i believed bremen won when Pizarro scored on extra time...
  15. The guys also did...

    There's no other explanation for such a defensive behaviour they showed at that last goal.
  16. 1-1 at half time against Hannover. It's good for the moment and hopes are high considering we had plenty of chances in the first half. The most important thing is to start converting them really quick in the beginning of the second half and equally important: someone calm down Frings. He got his marching warning after only 20 minutes.
  17. And 1-1 it ended. It was a nice entertaining game but i think we lost 2 points today. We had the better chances, even now i don't understand how the hell was the Hannover keeper able to save Rosenberg shoot, but we must settle for a point.
  18. opalo

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    Wo die Ruhr einen großen Bogen macht ;-)
    Actually, I don't think the game was that entertaining - it was rather frustrating to see that the guys were somehow blocked when getting close to the goal... In better times, they would have won this type of game, but at the moment they seem to lack self-confidence... :(
  19. :18:
    I did not have access to the bundesliga ticker until the final 10 minutes. I was particularily interested in the line-up, some personal favourites (Vranjes, Hunt) started. Baumann in defence again as in Pancakenicehouse, does he have a nickname in Germany? I hope Vander sticks around as a number 2 in Bremen.

    But to the point, I noticed this lack of confidence myself coming from the midfield particularily the defensive half. With Frings seemingly in the twilight of an illustrious career (IMO) I not only hope for an improvement in play but also a new player signing with heart and soul. Let it be sooner than later while the strikers figure out how to score those goals and the defence matures. Diego and Ozil could be absolutely unstopable with a dragon behind them; otherwise, where will this season go and more importantly the Champion's campaign? Please God let it be a miracle year :svw_schal:

    This season will continue to be frustrating if Werder are one red card, one missed shot or one defensive mistake away from disaster. It is happening too often of late and those responsible must improve thier play.

    Oh yah, one more thing...:18:bye bye booboo bye bye booboo bye-bye:18: