The Weser-Stadium

Facts, figures and data about Weser Stadium

OwnerBremer Weser-Stadion GmbH
ClubSV Werder Bremen
Total Capacity42.100 Plätze
FloodlightsFour floodlights masts, each 61 m in height, 59 beams per mast with 2,000 watts, lighting strength 1,500 Lux
Videoscreen2 LED-Videoscreen EXPSport 20-3CA, 12,8 x 5,6 m (ca. 74m²) 16:9 format
PitchSize 105x68 m  
CCTVFour cameras within the stadium, 13 cameras at the entrance gates and two cameras on the floodlight masts to record everything during events at the stadium. The CCTV system is controlled by the police unit on duty; recording equipment and colour printers are connected to the system. 
Undersoil heating systemAn undersoil heating system is installed below the pitch. There are 27 km of heating pipelines 29 cm below the surface of the pitch at 25 cm intervals. If required, the water-glycol-mixture can be heated to a maximum temperature of 35°C. Four warmth feelers in the pitch measure the grass roots and the surface temperature and regulate the system controls via computer. The purpose of the system is not to speed up the growth of the grass by warming up the grass roots, but to keep the pitch surface open in order to allow surface water to have enough drainage.
VIP areasSouth Stand: 456 seats in the Gold area, 37 boxes with 364 seats I East Stand: Large box with 700 seats (rebuilding) I North Stand: 1,000 seats in the Platinum area, 33 boxes with 364 seats I West Stand: 100 seats in the Premimum box, 130 seats in the business class, nine boxes with 107 seats