Rashica ready for a flying start

Milot Rashica discusses his aims, development and nickname

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Thursday, 11.07.2019 // 16:11 Uhr

“That’s it, Rocket!” exclaimed Florian Kohfeldt toward the training pitch. He was referring to Milot Rashica, who has long been known as ‘The Rocket’ by his teammates and coach.

“To be honest at the start it was quite weird. No one has ever called me anything other than Milot but it’s okay now that I’ve become accustomed to it,” said the 22-year-old on the way from the media talks to the hotel. The winger has rarely been seen by the public while training as much as he has here in Zillertal. What’s clear to see is that Rashica will have a more important role in the team next season.


Milot Rashica was one of Werder's top scorers last season (Foto: nph).

Something that’s still astonishing is the form the Kosovan put in last season, especially during the Rückrunde. In January, The Rocket had eight goals and four assists to his name already. He then started soaring even higher after the break and there seemed to be no end in sight for him. “I want to score goals and get assists,” he said during a Livechat on Werder’s Instagram on Wednesday while discussing his aims for the 2019/20 season.

He explained his targets in more detail a few days later. “The Rückrunde was of course very good for me, but I can still learn a lot more from my teammates, my coach and the staff that are around me. I’m never satisfied. If last season was good then I want to make next season even better. That’s my goal,” explained Rashica.

The fact that he has already been at the club for a year and a half is a big plus for him. The team, which has hardly changed over the summer, knows Rashica well. “The more I’m here the better I feel and the better I know the system and the tactics.” After his switch from the Eredivisie, Rashica needed a few months in order to get acclimatised, but now The Rocket will be able to get straight off to a flying start.


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