“They were ruthless”

The quotes from the game against Fortuna
Johannes Eggestein scored the first Werder goal of the season (Photo: nordphoto).
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Saturday, 17.08.2019 / 19:00

Opening day misery! SV Werder lose their first game of the new season 3-1 to Fortuna Düsseldorf. Missed chances for Werder and a strong performance from their opponents were the main factors which led to the defeat. “All in all we have to be a lot more efficient and a lot smarter with the ball. Everyone knows our way of playing,” said head coach Florian Kohlfeldt after the match. We have collected all the post-match quotes.

Match Analysis:

Niklas Moisander: “The first game of the season is always difficult, we knew that. We played well for the first 20 minutes then out of nowhere it was 1-0. We made it 1-1 but their goal came too quickly after and we lost all our momentum. At 3-1 it’s always difficult to come back. It was all too easy for them in my opinion. We had chances but they scored the goals and that was really disappointing for us.”
Johannes Eggestein: ”I don’t have much to smile about. I was happy with my goal but we lost the game and that’s all that matters. They were ruthless in taking their chances.”


Wasted chances: SVW failed to make it past Zackary Steffen on numerous occassions (Photo: nordphoto).

Maximilian Eggestein: “I thought better of us and expected more of us than we showed today. That was a poor start. Conceding goals is natural, it happens, but we switched off in conceding those today. We were careless in taking our chances as well, but their goalkeeper had a good game and we were unlucky at times. We simply have to score more goals though; it felt like the ball was never going to go in today. We will analyse our performance in the week and work on our game.”
Florian Kohlfeldt: “We were neither decisive enough in front of goal nor at the back so we have to be better on both sides of the ball but the goals we conceded all came in different ways. I lost count of how many chances we had but Fortuna were really effective it was unbelievable. In terms of match analysis, we were really unlucky to concede that first goal and there’s no need to point fingers.  Up until 1-0 we were in complete control, we had chances and we weren’t being hit on the break. After 1-0 though we lost our way. We came out after half time and we got our goal but we conceded way too quickly from the restart -  we have to defend that better. All in all we have to be a lot more efficient and a lot smarter with the ball. Everyone knows our way of playing.”
Frank Baumann: “The disappointment is huge, but it happens in football. We haven’t always won the first game of the season in previous years either. We created a lot of chances but we made too many mistakes but we will work on that and come back stronger next week.”

On the injury to Ömer Toprak:

Ömer Toprak was taken off due to injury (Photo: nordphoto).

Florian Kohlfeldt: “Ömer took a real blow. He got winded badly and the team doctors took a look at him, but he’s on the way to the hospital for closer examination.
Niklas Moisander: "I had a bad feeling about it straight away. Ömer was suffering from abdominal problems all the way through the second half. As for our play together, it will get better the more games we play but as a team we have to defend better in the future.”
Frank Baumann: “We weren’t outplayed in any sense of the word. You’re not going to play like a team that’s been together for two years when you’ve only been training together for a week. Unfortunately we lost Ömer Toprak today but he showed that he can make us much better as a team. After a coming together, Ömer had difficulty breathing but we will be observing him in the coming days.”

On the coming weeks:

Florian Kohlfeldt: “I don’t like losing, it makes me sick to my stomach. It was a game decided by the little things, we’re not suddenly going to call everything in to question. We all need to be aware of our mistales but we can’t doubt our abilities because we didn’t play badly. We made a few individual mistakes and we were passive with the ball but we weren’t exactly played off the park.”
Niklas Moisander: “We have to stay together and work harder. It wasn’t a catastrophe out there today but we can definitely play better. It’s difficult to take when every shot they have is a goal. We said it out on the pitch, it’s important that we play better.”
Johannes Eggestein: “We have to question ourselves, because that should never happen in a home game. We will bounce back from this, work harder and remain positive. We have to implement this attitude next week so that we can grab our first three points in Sinnheim.”

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