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Florian Kohfeldt summarises the pre-season training camp

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Sunday, 14.07.2019 // 18:00

The Green-White squad touched down at Bremen Airport on Sunday afternoon with ten tough days of training in Zillertal behind the Werder team. However, after a “very good” training camp, Florian Kohfeldt is “unsettled”. But the head coach revealed that his worries have positive reasons.

“The only thing which is really unsettling me is the fact that we’ve changed so much. I must give a massive thank you to all the staff and everyone who has worked with the team,” says Kohfeldt in his interview. “Everyone involved in looking after the team made sure that everything ran one thousand percent optimally.” As well as the overall conditions, which are as good as ever in Zillertal, the procedures within the team are excellent, according to Kohfeldt.

The Werder players around Yuya Osako came back fit from their holidays (Photo: nordhpoto).

In terms of football, the Werder coach embarked on the journey back home with a “good feeling”. The Green-Whites faced three opponents in pre-season friendlies in Zillertal, ending in one win, one draw and one loss. However, naturally the training sessions mattered more than the results to the head coach.

The team took to the pitch eleven times, with multiple additional sessions in the gym. „The team worked really hard and achieved all the targets we set them,” Kohfeldt praised his team. He was particularly pleased with the fitness of the entire team. “They’ve come back from their holidays super fit. We could tick off each and every session, maintaining the fundamentals and the stamina,” says the 36-year-old. The players ran approximately 65 to 70 kilometres throughout the week since the last friendly. Some decent graft!

And then there’s the Werder head coach’s unrest. “I’m just that guy,” says Kohfeldt as he can’t hide his cheeky grin. “We have to be on guard, we have to be awake and we can’t say that everything is going perfectly,” he warns in his typical manner. “I see improvements in our football. We’re in a better position than we were a year ago. But I’m always paying keen attention. I don’t want to be rudely awoken in four weeks because we’ve left an element of our game untrained. This is pre-season and we don’t get any points now, so I’m going to remain critical.”

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