Kevin Möhwald on establishing himself as a Werder man

Kevin Möhwald spoke about his position at SVW

Kevin Möhwald in the last media discussion of the training camp (Photo: nordphoto).
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Friday, 12.07.2019 // 15:15 Uhr

Von Lukas Kober

Coming in as a newbie to a good team is something that Kevin Möwald is no stranger to. It was not so long ago that Möhwald himself was going through that scenario. After his switch from FC Nürnberg, SV Werder had to find a position for him – not just in a sporting sense, but also as a part of the team hierarchy. An important place for this process was Zillertal.

23 Bundesliga games and three goals later, Möhwald is surrounded by media at the training camp in Tirol. He has now established himself as an important component of the Green-Whites’ midfield and was used a lot in the closing stages of the season. “I think I’ve made a clear improvement, even just compared to last year. I’m now more aware of the way things run and the way we play here,” said the midfield man.

To be a part of a team and work hard for sporting success is something that the 26-year-old sees as part of the job as a professional footballer. He sees other aspects as well, including having fun during training - it’s not without reason that ‘Möh’ is thought of as a bit of a banterer. “That plays into the coach’s idea that you should also have fun away from the pitch. That’s very important for the team, for the togetherness. That’s what we try to draw from,” explained the Werder player. The former newbie is no longer an unknown figure and instead has become very well-known and respected in his position. “He does what I tell him,” Möhwald jokingly replied when asked about his roommate Marco Friedl. Something is now very clear: Kevin Möhwald has arrived and is a very important part of this great group.