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Jiri Pavlenka sets his sights on TSG Hoffenheim
Complete focus on matchday two: Jiri Pavlenka has already moved on from their opening day defeat (Photo: nordphoto).
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Wednesday, 21.08.2019 / 11:15

Von Lukas Kober

Jiri Pavlenka wants his Werder teammates to move on from last week’s defeat and to focus on their ambitions for the season instead. The mistakes have been analysed and the goalkeeper has his sights set solely on Saturday 24th August (14:30 CEST), when they will fight for their first three points of the season. Werder’s shotstopper wants to put their bad start to one side, and focus on his duties: keeping the ball out of the net and playing an important role in the team council.

Jiri Pavlenka on:

...the team council: “I am trying to be more involved in internal affairs, but my main focus is still on being a good goalkeeper. As part of the team council, there are lots of issues for us to address. We often get together and allow each member to articulate their opinion.” 
...the defeat to Düsseldorf: “That’s not how we imagined we’d start the season. But it’s a new week and now we need to focus on the upcoming game against Hoffenheim. We have analysed the game and had a look at all of our mistakes. But you can’t say the season is over after only one game; we’re staying positive.”
...their second goal: “The crucial moment was when Niklas Moisander slipped and blocked my vision for a moment. That certainly didn’t help.”
...the squad: “We know how important Milot is for us and just how much quality he has. But perhaps it also gives other players the chance to show what they can do and fight for a place in the starting XI. The same goes for Ludwig Augustinsson, he is a fantastic player but Marco Friedl can step in and perform when needed.”

Analyse, concentrate, improve

Jiri Pavlenka und Nuri Sahin gave everything they had against Düsseldorf (Foto: nordphoto).

...Ömer Toprak: “Of course he’s only been with us for a week, so we need a bit more time to develop our chemistry with him. He is a very experienced player who’s calm on the pitch. He’s very strong in the tackle and wins almost every duel; however, it’s important that he listens to my commands.”
...the rule changes: “The aim of the game hasn’t changed; it is still my job to keep the ball out of the net. But of course the new rules could play to our advantage as we like to move the ball around quickly. At the same time, we need to be more alert because players no longer have to wait until they can close you down.”
...the goals conceded: “It’s not ideal. I would have rather we scored three more goals and won 4-3. We have analysed what we did wrong and are concentrating on the upcoming game in Hoffenheim.”
...the danger of a poor start: “We are determined to pick up points against Hoffenheim. However, we aren’t in a crisis, and the pressure isn’t big enough for us to start worrying.”
...the summer move: “My family are here now. We had to do a lot of planning but there are just a few things left for us to sort out now and then we can start enjoying family time together here in Bremen.”


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