“We took it very seriously”

Post-match views after the victory over Delmenhorst

Successful start to the new season: Nuri Sahin and Milot Rashica celebrate (Photo: nordphoto).
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Saturday, 10.08.2019 // 23:44

SV Werder eased into the second round of the DFB Pokal with a comfortable 6-1 win over neighbours Delmenhorst. Despite the emphatic result, the Werder players were full of praise for the minnows. 

WERDER.DE captures the match reaction after a memorable and extraordinary evening at the WESERSTADION.

On how the match panned out

Niklas Moisander made it 2-0 for SV Werder (Photo: nordphoto).

Niklas Moisander: They gave a solid account of themselves. The goal we conceded was unnecessary but we’ve progressed to the next round as we did last year. We did not have enough cover when we let the goal in. In that kind of situation, we need to either commit a foul or win the ball back. We cannot afford for this to happen in the Bundesliga but maybe this has been a good wake-up call. 

Davy Klassen: It was not easy but we played well because we maintained a high level of intensity. We are a bit frustrated to have let one and we should have prevented that but we’re through and that is the main thing.

Claudio Pizarro: We took it very seriously. We scored a lot of goals and we feel good, the result was important for our confidence. It was not easy as the opposition had all their men behind the ball. They tired in the second half but we will see next Saturday where we are at. My role, aside from scoring goals, will be similar to that of last year. I simply want to help my team. The coach will decide how regularly I play. I’m feeling good!

Christian Groß: It happened very quickly, I was trying to clear it but that can happen. Ultimately it was a good game and we took it seriously. It was a great occasion for both teams and clubs. We will recover tomorrow morning and then we will see what comes next. I am taking each day as it comes and as long as I am needed I will play. 

Maximilian Eggestein: It was our duty to win today. You could see today that some other teams struggled, so it was important for us to rise to the challenge. Atlas were not bad, they made the space tight and even scored a goal. It really was a great atmosphere and I think the fans can be very happy.

Florian Kohfeldt: A few more goals and a slightly higher tempo would have been great but we got a lot out of this match. We made breakthroughs with a lot of combinations rather than one-on-one duels. That was important. I’m not happy with the goal we conceded and above all the manner in which we did. We let our concentration drop. But I am going hope satisfied with the overall result.

On the atmosphere in the stadium:

Niklas Moisander: It was unbelievable for us to play against a team like them, especially with such incredible support. That is something really special here in Bremen.

Claudio Pizarro: That is a lovely feeling. It always surprises me and it is an honour when you feel emotion like this during a football match.

Christian Groß: I had goose bumps playing. Had somebody told me that I would experience moments like this whilst still playing at 30 years of age, I would have laughed at them.

Florian Kohfeldt: I think that we can all go home pretty content. This is my hometown club and the way that Atlas have worked their socks off is a great story.

On the start of the season:

Florian Kohfeldt embraces Atlas head coach Key Riebau (Photo: nordphoto).

Davy Klaassen: We are ready. We know that we could do better than we did today. When we face better opposition, we will need to give more. In fact, everything must be better, particularly when we are covering at the back. It is so difficult when a team has all ten men behind the ball. We need to deal with that better next time. 

Niklas Moisander: We are gelling nicely as a team and we know what we need to do. Things will get serious next Saturday and we need to be ready. 

On the goals:

Niklas Moisander: That does not happen very often. I went to Fritz because he is a legend and today was his last match. I wasn’t doing it for a bet. 

Davy Klaassen: The opposition’s goal was not in my mind. I received the ball, tried a few skills and then in it went. That was good but I’d prefer it to be in the Bundesliga. And regarding Claudio Pizarro, what can I say? It seems even more insane every year, especially with that second goal. It’s hard to know what to say to that.

Claudio Pizarro: The goals and records are very special, it always feels like novelty.