A huge relief

Reaction to the home victory over Augsburg
Pure relief: Florian Kohfeldt after the final whistle (Photo: nordphoto).
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Sunday, 01.09.2019 / 18:55

Werder fans everywhere were holding their breath during a nervy last few minutes today. It was an eventful first win of the season for the Green-Whites, scoring three goals while shipping two at the other end. The relief among the players, coaches and fans was clear to see after the final whistle, as Werder secured their first points of the season. “The overwhelming feeling is relief,” said Frank Baumann with a smile.

Match analysis:

Nuri Sahin fought with his teammates in an exhilarating game (Photo: nordphoto).

Joshua Sargent: “It was an important game for us and we’re all relieved to have got the victory. Now we can look forward to the next few games and play with more freedom.”

Michael Lang: “It was very intense. We conceded two goals and that’s something we need to work on, but the most important thing was to go into the international break with a victory. It was a tough game but we could’ve made it easier for ourselves. We started the match really well with the early goal. Of course, it’s not easy losing the first two games but we all gave it everything we had and fought as a team. In the end we managed to secure the victory, and it was well-deserved. It’s important to stay calm.”

Niklas Moisander: “It was a classic Bundesliga match today; it had everything. It's a great feeling to win the game but also a huge relief. We didn’t play badly against Düsseldorf and Hoffenheim but came away without any points; it was important to win today. At times we didn't look great, but the three points are the most important thing."

Nuri Sahin: “We are relieved. It’s clear to see that we are lacking a bit of confidence. Twice, we played well but came away without any points. We had to fight hard today and eventually we were rewarded. It went completely silent after they equalised today. You look around and, as the experienced player, know you have to step up.”

Niclas Füllkrug: “I never felt any pressure; I knew we were going to win today. Our attacking play was really strong and we could’ve put more pressure on at the end of the first half. We just have to make sure that we are more clinical with our chances.”

Yuya Osako: “Getting the first three points of the season is always difficult. Augsburg were physically strong today, even when they went down to 10 men. It was a very tiring match. We still have a lot to improve on; in particular we were too nervous when we took the lead. Perhaps the two previous defeats were still in the back of our minds. It was an important game and I’m delighted with the result. We want to push on from here.”

Frank Baumann: “We played well today despite conceding the goals. Unfortunately we were slow out of the blocks in the second half and we made it too easy for them. They managed to put us under pressure even though we had the man-advantage. But we managed to hold on, we took our chances and that’s certainly not easy with so many injuries. I am relieved more than anything.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “It was a thrilling game. We started well, created lots of chances and headed into the break with a 2-1 lead. Before we started the second half I told the boys to play with a high tempo, but to be wary of the counter-attack. Then they equalised two minutes later. However, we managed to stay calm and continued to create chances. They had a few free-kicks, and you never know what can happen from them. But in the end we held on for the three points and that’s the most important thing.”

On the new-look defence:

Niklas Moisander und Marco Friedl have started all three games in defence so far (Photo: nordphoto).

Michael Lang: “I haven’t played a full 90 minutes for a long time. It’s a bit crazy that I was still training with Gladbach eight days ago, and four days later I’m playing for Werder. It’s not enough time to work on certain things, but I can say that I’m really looking forward to the coming games. I believe that I have adapted to my new environment well, I have a new coach who demands a lot tactically. The team have made me feel really welcome. I’m looking forward to the next two weeks, to continue working hard in training and to getting used to everything, so that we can pick up another victory in two weeks time.”

Niklas Moisander: “We keep conceding too many easy goals, although we didn’t allow them many opportunities. It seems as if every chance the opposition gets is going in at the moment. Theo and Michi played very well in my opinion. Nevertheless, we still need to improve our chemistry in the defence, but we have plenty of time over the international break to work on this this.”

Niclas Füllkrug: “I need to watch the game again to see where we can improve before I comment. I’m glad that we were so dominant throughout the game and that we were able to build up a lot of momentum, but we need to be stronger defensively.”

Joshua Sargent: “We definitely need to watch the game again and analyse where we went wrong, and that’s something we’ll do within the next few days. We had lots of chances to put the game to bed and we need to improve this in our upcoming games.”

On Yuya Osako’s performance:

Yuya Osako celebrates his second goal with new signing Michael Lang (Photo: nordphoto).

Joshua Sargent: “Yuya is a fantastic player, who fits the system perfectly. He isn’t a Max Kruse replacement, he’s Yuya Osako and he’s extremely important for our team.”

Niklas Moisander: “Yuya was magnificent today. He has a huge role in the team now and will take the next step in his career this season. For example, he talks a lot more in the dressing room now, and I’m happy about that. I think we need to stop the comparisons to Max Kruse, and to move on from Max.”

Nuri Sahin: “Yuya played really well. He is in top condition and he likes to find pockets of space to receive the ball. He’s also a lot more involved in the dressing room now which is great.”

Niclas Füllkrug: “Yuya is a great guy and we know what his strengths are. I think we worked really well as a three up front today.”

Yuya Osako: “It was a very good game and I like taking more and more responsibility on the pitch, but it’s important not to get carried away and to try to perform like this week-in week-out. It’s important for me to play centrally; that’s my best position and I have spoken to the coach about it.”

Frank Baumann: “He already proved his quality last season, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to us. Yuya is an extremely important player and it pleases me that he is starting to get the credit he deserves.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “For me, Yuya is an unbelievable player. He can score goals, but is a playmaker at the same time. I don’t believe he is only starting to thrive now, he was just as good last season.”

On Josh Sargent’s goal:

Joshua Sargent: “It was a good goal, but it was also a fantastic pass. It was just good all-round! That’s all I can say.”

Niklas Moisander: “First of all it was a great assist from Nuri, and then a fantastic finish from Josh. He is a huge talent and had a great pre-season; he will get lots of opportunities this season.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “Josh is developing well. He doesn’t struggle with the pace of the game, as he showed today and that’s not something you can learn.  It’s hard to build up any sort of momentum when you aren’t playing. Josh played brilliantly today, and the way he took his goal was unbelievable.”

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